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Jumping on the band wagon…

So it seems like everyone is doing it: starting or maintaining a blog about veterinary school. I figure I might as well, because I know I’m not going to have a ton of time to keep my friends and family up to speed with what’s going on. And it’ll probably be comical to look back on these experiences when all is said and done (assuming I make it out alive and well!). Plus, I’ve perused quite a few of those blogs and there are a couple that I visit frequently, and none that I’ve seen have my perspective based on my background and interest in vet medicine.  Let me tell you a little about me…

I am turning 28 years old tomorrow, and was not at all your typical vet school applicant when I applied last year. I started college at Virginia Tech when I was 17, but eventually dropped out due to personal reasons and restlessness. From age 21ish until 25ish I did a lot of nothing, and it was fabulous. I moved from Virginia to New Jersey to Seattle, Washington and ended up in Los Angeles. I did a lot of partying, crazy trips, and generally had a complete blast. My jobs were all mundane and meaningless, and paid just enough to get by (most of the time, anyway – there were some close calls). I was crazy and carefree, and at the most had about 25 piercings and ended with 7 tattoos. I was a punk girl in every sense of the word, including my clothes and attitude. Most people who’ve met me in the last few years would never guess that. So what happened?

When I moved to Los Angeles five years ago, it was for a boy. I was head over heels, and still am to this day. He is now my adoring and amazing husband. When we first got together, I was still that crazy punk girl. But eventually my dead end jobs and partying seemed to lead toward an unhappy and uncertain future. I had always wanted to be a vet, but didn’t think I was smart enough (still question this almost daily) and thought I was too old. So I started in a vet tech program, knowing a future working with animals was my ticket to a happy and fullfilled future. Not long into it, the pre-vet advisor took me aside and told me that I should seriously consider vet school. I thought about it, talked to my boyfriend, friends, and family, and took the plunge. I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve worked full time while completing pre-reqs mostly full time. It’s been extremely difficult at times. The support of my husband has been so incredible, as well as my mother and a few close friends. I couldn’t have done it without them. Along the way I grew up, no longer had time to party, and took out most of my crazy piercings to work various animal jobs. I also lost the punk clothes and (most of) the punk attitude. I look pretty much like a normal person now, haha.

During my pusuit for a variety of veterinary experiences, I volunteered in a research lab. This was just to round out my experience, as I already knew I wanted to go into either zoo medicine or small animal emergency/critical care. Well… I was wrong! I fell in love with the field and all it entails and demands, and all of the opportunities it presents. I am now going into vet school with the focus of lab animal medicine, and could not be more excited about the future! It is an extremely unpopular choice, but it’s definitely for me. The application process was horrendous, but I ended up with three offers and will be starting school at UC Davis. I will officially be a veterinary student one week from today. I never would’ve believed that…


P.S. — I promise that future posts will not be this long!


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