So I didn’t really plan on it being this long between posts. Life just got kind of crazy there for a little while. My birthday was fantastic, and included a day at Magic Mountain with my best friend, drinks at an amazingly awesome bar with some close friends, dinner with my husband from one of my favorite sushi places ever, and spending most of the day after at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, hanging out with wolves. It was a perfect last birthday before vet school.

After that, things kind of happened in a whirlwind. The day after we visited Wolf Mountain was spent mostly packing, and taking a long lunch/dinner break to hang out with Tara one last time before moving. The next morning (the 29th), we left bright and early. Scott drove the 15 passenger van loaded with my stuff, and I drove my car loaded with the kitties and snake. It was a long drive, but we got here and began moving in. It was probably the worst move-in ever. Long story short, the central AC had been turned off outside. The day we moved in it was 104 here in Davis, the apartment temp was over 100, according to the thermostat. Simon started to show signs of heat stroke, and Scott basically saved his life by dragging him into the tub and soaking him. He was seconds away from a vet trip, but the cold water cooled him down and he’s completely fine now. It was very stressful and very scary. The other cats were hot as well, but not as bad as Simon, and I was able to cool them down with a bit of cold water. The AC issue finally got figured out by the maintenance guy, but it was not cool in the apartment until overnight. Also, my mail key doesn’t work and the garbage disposal is broken, with the kitchen sink clogged (all these are STILL issues, grrrr).

Then the vet school first year retreat started on September 1st, and it was a crazy three and a half days. They were full of lectures and group activities. Some of those involved talking through different scenarios, and some were physical outdoor activities focused on building trust, working as a team, and getting to know one another. It was exhausting, every day starting at 8am and ending around 6pm. Of course, I rolled my eyes at most of the team building activities, but I’m thankful for the orientation. If nothing else, it allowed me to work with many different people in my class, and actually start to get to know some of them. Now when I walk into class, it won’t be full of strangers. Plus, they provided us with breakfast, lunch and dinner! Can’t beat that.

On Friday, we had the white coat ceremony. It’s basically a symbolic ceremony that officially welcomed us into the veterinary school and profession. They donned us all with a white doctor’s coat, and there were several speakers, including the dean. It was really nice, and Scott and his dad were both there to support me. It was great having them there, I only wish my mom could’ve made it. After the ceremony, Scott’s dad took us out to dinner at Outback, and then breakfast the next morning before we took him to the airport. We spent the rest of Saturday and this morning just spending time together, bumming around town, and relaxing. He left today around 2pm, amidst many tears on my part and a few on his, as well. I’m not sure when I’ll see him next… and I think that being away from my love just might be the hardest part of vet school. I already miss him terribly, and he’s only been gone 9 hours.

Tomorrow I may hang out with some classmates at another classmate’s house. Social situations with a bunch of strangers usually make me extremely uncomfortable, but I have something huge in common with these people and if I don’t get out of the house I’ll go crazy without Scott here. Tuesday is the official orientation concerning books, classes, financial aid, and other paperwork-type stuff; it’s supposed to be 8am – 5pm! And then on Wednesday classes start. I’m terrified. I hope I can hack it.


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