In the thick of it…

So last week I officially started veterinary school. I had class Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And I’m already overwhelmed!! Wednesday night I came home and studied anatomy. Thursday I came home, ate dinner, relaxed for a bit, then went to Sharon’s to study. We used my old biochem book and went over the physiological chemistry notes. Friday night I think I studied, but I don’t remember what, hah! Then this weekend was packed with studying. After a trip to Costco with Sharon on Saturday, we got together with several other people at her place and went over all of the histology notes so far, and then worked on our first physiological chemistry case study. That was about 6 hours. Then on Sunday I worked on the case study some more, then met with some people in the anatomy lab and studied dog bones, then went home and finished my case study and looked at some histology slides for lab today. Today I got home around 5:30pm, and studied histology and anatomy in between cooking, eating, straightening up, and doing laundry. Completely crazy to be in the very beginning of the quarter and already have so much to do and so much to study. I’m actually very proud of myself, so far I’m doing a great job of staying on top of things.

But don’t let all of that fool you. I have to say that I’m loving vet school so far. Are you shocked? I know I am! But really, it’s been great. My classes are interesting, and usually about 50 minutes long — the perfect length! The professors do a great job at giving the material relevance. Anatomy lab is really cool, I love learning about the bones and inner-workings of animals. Histology lab is also really fascinating; I had that today and actually really enjoyed it. So far the studying isn’t too bad, I’m learning a lot and I love that. Plus, without a test looming, it’s really just going over the notes (ask me how I feel about studying when the exams start!). And on Friday I had a lab that was about restraint, handling, and general physical exams on horses. Horses! It was so much fun to hang out outside with the horses and actually work with live animals. Then after lab was the first TG (social event with all classes; basically a shortening of TGIF – held every other Friday). There was tons of free food, multiple grills going, a few kegs, and all of the student clubs had tables out with the opportunity to join. I joined SCAVMA (Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association), Caduceus Club (social club, allows me to attend future TGs), and of course, the Lab Animal Medicine Club. I’m really excited about that, and can’t wait for the first meeting. It’s awesome to have access to other people who share my interest, I haven’t known anyone up to this point.

So yeah. I’m a veterinary student. :) And now, I think I’m actually going to read something not vet school related and try to get to sleep at a decent hour!


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