One down… and I hate sheep.

So, surprisingly, I’m still loving vet school! I’ll be sure to post in a couple of weeks, after the upcoming histology, physiological chemistry, and anatomy exams. Eek!

The good thing is that I have finished my first vet school class! Our behavior class was only seven lectures, and the final exam was this past Friday. The first part was multiple choice, individually, very short. The second part was in groups of three, and open note/book/internet, essay format. They were in the form of clinical cases. The grades for the first part were posted, and I got those all right. I think our essay portion was pretty good, so hopefully my first vet school grade ever will be an A, and that will feel awesome. Even though it’s kind of a joke of a class.

On Thursday we had our food animal handling lab, and that was mostly a blast. I got to work with the cows first, and it was a lot of fun. I got to do a physical exam, draw blood, give injections, and give a fake medication with a balling gun. Awesome. But then it was time to work with the sheep. I already was not a big fan of sheep, and Thursday just solidified this feeling. Sharon and I got this big sheep that had obviously not been worked with much in her past life (they had just arrived to campus that morning). I have flipped a few sheep before, but this one was crazy. I tried to flip her, and got her on the ground… where she decided that she didn’t want to be. So before I could prop her against my legs, she jumped up with all of her strength, knocked me back, and took off… into a classmate’s crotch. This was after I had already wrestled her out of the pen and had been using all of my strength just to hold her still. I was sore for days!! That night sheep stew was sounding really good…

I started out really great today… I went to the library and studied histo for 3 hours, and then went to lab and looked at slides for about an hour. Then I came home, and decided I deserved a one hour break. That was 5 hours ago, and I haven’t studied another minute. It’s just impossible for me to get and stay motivated at home. I’ve got a couple of hours before bedtime… we’ll see if I can be productive!


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