I survived…

It’s been a kind of crazy two weeks since I last posted. First was the histology exam, which I did really well on (yay!). Then there was the physiological chemistry test, and that one hurt a bit. Apparently a couple of second years complained that it was too easy last year, so they made it harder for us. I personally don’t understand the point of that, but I did okay. 0.4 points away from an A, grrr. But I really shouldn’t complain about that.

The kicker was yesterday’s anatomy exam. It was absolutely the one I was the most terrified of. I studied several hours on Friday, 13 hours on Saturday (no joke – and 6 of those were in the gross anatomy lab looking at prosections), and many hours on Sunday. It was just an enormous amount of information, with a practical identification portion, a lecture multiple choice portion, and a lab written portion. But I think that all of my preparation paid off, because I think I did pretty well. It’s hard to tell though until you get your grade back. Speaking of which, we got our behavior finals back, and my group got an A, woo!

Last night I got to hear my amazing husband on Two and a Half Men, and couldn’t have been prouder. I totally hijacked our traditional after exam movie night and made everyone watch the first ten minutes of the show. It was so great!

Tonight, even though I took last night off, I have just been relaxing. I feel like I deserve it, and we don’t have an exam for almost two weeks. I can start studying again tomorrow. And Thursday night Scott arrives in town for the weekend!! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing him, so I’m thrilled and cannot wait to spend the weekend with my amazing husband.

Life is hard, but good.


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