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Crunch time…

Okay, so I’m back from Thanksgiving break. It was a really nice and much needed escape. I flew into Burbank Wednesday morning, and Scott and I drove down to San Diego that evening to spend Thanksgiving with his dad and sister. We had a really nice, relaxing time with lots of yummy food. I did do some school work, because we have an anatomy take home that’s due tomorrow and a pchem discussion that’s due Tuesday. We also have one final this week and all the rest next week… but I could not get motivated to study. It was break time!

Anyway, we drove back to Burbank Saturday evening because Scott had to work today (it’s still Sunday to me). When he got home from work we watched football, spent some alone time, and ordered pizza until it was time to go to the airport. I just got home, and while it’s nice to be back, I already miss my husband and I’m dreading the next two weeks of school.

On a separate note, I’m furious with the chick that I paid $100 to take care of my cats over the break. I figured that since she’s a vet student, she’d care. But there are multiple things I have found that make me really angry. One of which is that she left the bag of treats out that I use to give Arwen and Samantha their meds, and it was torn open and eaten by one of the cats. I know this because I found what was left of it in the trash. Now I have no way to give them their pills in the morning. I have to get up super early and run across town to Petco. If she had just told me, I would’ve bought some more before I left Burbank! Also, I’m pretty positive she didn’t play with them, since the toys have not been moved. There are a few other things, but I’ll stop. I’m just pissed because it was a lot of money, she’s a vet student, and they are incredibly sweet cats. Ugh. Good thing they’re coming with me over Christmas break!

And now… I really should get to bed. It’s going to be a looooong two weeks ahead.



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And… Breathe… :)

Yay! The long stretch of exams is finally over, and I get to relax a bit and catch up on my DVR time. It’s pretty awesome to not have the next exam looming over my head.

The crazy thing is that although I was most stressed for these last two exams (anatomy and pchem), they are the ones I did best on in both classes. I got an A+ on both, and the pchem really blew me away. I knew that I studied really hard, but I’m never convinced that I know the material nearly well enough, and for whatever reason I never walk out of a pchem exam feeling confident. But needless to say, I’m thrilled with my grade. :)

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the director of the Center for Comparative Medicine to ask him about serving as my mentor for the summer STAR Program and to see if he even had any research opportunities available. I was really nervous and intimidated; this guy is a big shot and could have a huge impact on my career. But it turns out that he’s super awesome and laid back, and incredibly nice. He agreed to be my mentor and let me do some research in his lab next summer, and I could not be more thrilled!! He immediately sent me a ton of articles to read so I can get started on planning out my research, and he’s going to bring in a book for me to read over xmas break. I’m so excited to dive into this and get going. :)

So after such a wonderful and successful week, I went out last night with some friends to buy a dress for the Turkey Roast, a huge social Thanksgiving event that the first year vet class puts on every year for the entire school. It’s going to be a ton of fun, and nice to unwind. After having success finding a dress, we then went out to dinner, and it was just great to get away from vet school for a little while.

Wednesday I catch an early morning flight to Los Angeles. I have 5 whole days of no class! Sure, I have an anatomy take home exam, and the STAR stuff to look over, but I’ll be lounging in LA and San Diego while doing them. Oh yeah, and eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Scott’s dad and sister. Can’t wait!!


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One down, one to go…

Well I survived the anatomy exam. I think it went okay. I’m pretty sure I knocked the practical portion out of the ballpark. The written was mostly short answer questions about embryology and development, and I think I did alright. We’ll see I guess.

Thursday is pchem. Seriously, I could not dread an exam more than that one. I couldn’t even start studying until last night, because I had to concentrate on anatomy. So that’s three nights, and it’s just not enough time for the amount of material. Plus, that’s three nights after three very long days of class. Yay vet school, right? The good thing is that I have a very high B in the class, so if I just resign myself to the fact that an A is unattainable, I can do not-so-hot on this exam and maintain my B. Now let’s just hope I can even do not-so-hot, as opposed to total failure.

In other news, I miss my husband a ton. I hate living 6 hours away from him. The good news is that next Wednesday I’ll be in Burbank and we’ll be heading down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with him dad and sister. I will hug and kiss my husband and sleep an absurd amount. Can’t wait!! :)

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Anatomy’s everywhere man!

Watch it. It’s amazing. Especially if you’re a vet student, but even if you’re not.

It’s been stuck in my head all weekend.

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It’s sustentacular!

The weekend before a Monday anatomy exam is always crazy. There’s an extra edge to everyone this time, though, because it’s too quickly followed by a physiological chemistry test on Thursday. Yay.

I was in the anatomy study room with a bone box at 10am this morning. At some point I moved in the gross anatomy lab and did the muscles, ligaments, and such on the pelvic limb. I ended up in the study room doing bones again before leaving. I left around 3pm, and went rock climbing for an hour and a half. I needed the break and to move my OWN muscles! I went to Sharon’s after that, and we listened to all three lecture podcasts for this exam, pausing and taking notes and clarifying things. Oh yeah, and between lectures two and three we took a break and went over to a friend’s place for fresh-from-the-oven chocolate cupcakes with chocolate kahlua frosting. Are you jealous? You really should be. But we actually got a lot done and I think I have a fairly good understanding of embryology. Well, at the least the bare bones basics. Now I’m home, and it’s 1:30am, and I am soooo ready for bed.

But I have new tattoo idea, and I’m really excited. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it, since money is involved, but it shouldn’t be too long. It’s not a huge or intricate piece, so it really shouldn’t be very expensive. I can’t wait to hear that familiar buzz of the tattoo gun and feel that distinctive vibrating pain. Love it!!


Oh yeah, and about the title… There’s a sustentaculum tali on the medial side of the calcaneous bone, and at some point during the day we decided to start saying “sustentacular” to replace “spectacular,” and thought that it was hilarious. This is a warning, kids: anatomy can fry your brain and/or make you crazy and delirious.


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Wasting Veteran’s Day…

So far, so good! The anatomy exam actually went really well, and I ended up with a much better grade than I thought I would :)  As far as the histo exam, I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked, but it was still a very good grade. On Monday I took my epidemiology final, and that one hurt. It didn’t help that Scott was in town, so I didn’t really start studying until Sunday evening. I don’t know how I did yet, but as long as I passed that one I’ll be happy. I’m just glad that class is done and over with, it was the least interesting class I’ve ever taken. Which is sad, because epidemiology COULD be fun. Oh well.

Last night I hung out with friends and stayed up talking, laughing, drinking wine, and playing Wii until 3:30am!! It was great, and totally just what I needed. I haven’t stayed up that late in a VERY long time. Today I didn’t have class, since it’s Veteran’s Day, and that’s been nice. I could’ve (read: should’ve) used it to be productive, but I totally haven’t. Instead, I slept in and then went for a walk with a couple of friends in the Davis arboretum. I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet, it’s really beautiful. It was nice to be outside, walking, breathing clean, cool air. Since then I’ve been hanging out on the couch with the cats, catching up with TV shows on my DVR, oops.

I should probably start studying now… I have an anatomy exam on Monday and and physiological chemistry exam (eeeek!) on Thursday. There’s no way I can study enough between Monday and Thursday to do even remotely well on the pchem exam, so I need to start now.

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Study Study Study

It is officially on. The next five weeks (holy crap, five weeks until the end of the quarter, what?!) are going to be crazy. Yesterday’s anatomy exam was really tough. I completely missed out on Halloween to study all weekend, in the lab mostly. However, while I can tell you every nerve and artery of the brachial plexus and thoracic limb on a whole, completely dissected cadaver, it’s much harder on a disarticulated limb. Especially when only enough skin/fascia/muscle has been cut away to see that one tiny branch. It was way harder without my landmarks. Plus, the written portion was all written, so we really had to know the material. Luckily, I still think I did okay, but not as well as I would’ve liked. Which is the same story with last week’s pchem exam, ugh. Thursday we have a histology exam, Monday our epidemiology final, and they just keep coming after that.

I think the hardest thing for me has been studying more than I’ve ever studied before to get a grade a couple points above or below the class average. I’m not competitive with others, but I am very hard on myself. Plus I worry about being competitive for residencies. I know there aren’t very many lab animal vet students, but there are even fewer residencies. And they request and look at your vet school transcripts. So the saying “C=DVM” doesn’t really fly with me, unfortunately.

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