It’s sustentacular!

The weekend before a Monday anatomy exam is always crazy. There’s an extra edge to everyone this time, though, because it’s too quickly followed by a physiological chemistry test on Thursday. Yay.

I was in the anatomy study room with a bone box at 10am this morning. At some point I moved in the gross anatomy lab and did the muscles, ligaments, and such on the pelvic limb. I ended up in the study room doing bones again before leaving. I left around 3pm, and went rock climbing for an hour and a half. I needed the break and to move my OWN muscles! I went to Sharon’s after that, and we listened to all three lecture podcasts for this exam, pausing and taking notes and clarifying things. Oh yeah, and between lectures two and three we took a break and went over to a friend’s place for fresh-from-the-oven chocolate cupcakes with chocolate kahlua frosting. Are you jealous? You really should be. But we actually got a lot done and I think I have a fairly good understanding of embryology. Well, at the least the bare bones basics. Now I’m home, and it’s 1:30am, and I am soooo ready for bed.

But I have new tattoo idea, and I’m really excited. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it, since money is involved, but it shouldn’t be too long. It’s not a huge or intricate piece, so it really shouldn’t be very expensive. I can’t wait to hear that familiar buzz of the tattoo gun and feel that distinctive vibrating pain. Love it!!


Oh yeah, and about the title… There’s a sustentaculum tali on the medial side of the calcaneous bone, and at some point during the day we decided to start saying “sustentacular” to replace “spectacular,” and thought that it was hilarious. This is a warning, kids: anatomy can fry your brain and/or make you crazy and delirious.



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2 responses to “It’s sustentacular!

  1. How many anatomy exams do you guys have? It sounds like they’re pretty frequent. We had 3 exams for the whole course — one was the ENTIRE dog, one was the ENTIRE horse/cow/goat/sheep, and one was neuroanatomy. I thought it sucked, because there was no room for error — if you did badly on one exam, there went your grade. Plus there was so ridiculously much to remember! It would have been a lot better if they’d been broken up more.

    I loved the crazy names for structures, though! :) Sustentaculum tali was definitely a favorite.

    • jjohnston27

      We have four exams, plus one take home. The first one wasn’t until over a month into the quarter, and they’ve been basically two weeks apart after that. Our take home is over Thanksgiving break, and our final is on December 7th. But the format is much different than yours! Our first exam was osteology of the appendicular skeleton and thoracic limb of the dog and horse, and muscles of the abdomen, chest, and thoracic limb (and all associated structures) of the dog. Our second exam was mostly nerves, veins, and arteries of the front half of the body plus muscles of the neck and thoracic wall. Oh, and the front limb stay apparatus of the horse. This Monday’s exam is osteology of the pelvic limb plus muscles of the pelvic limb, inguinal area, abdomen, and back. Also, the pelvic limb stay apparatus of the horse.

      I can’t imagine having one test for an entire animal, that sounds like torture!

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