One down, one to go…

Well I survived the anatomy exam. I think it went okay. I’m pretty sure I knocked the practical portion out of the ballpark. The written was mostly short answer questions about embryology and development, and I think I did alright. We’ll see I guess.

Thursday is pchem. Seriously, I could not dread an exam more than that one. I couldn’t even start studying until last night, because I had to concentrate on anatomy. So that’s three nights, and it’s just not enough time for the amount of material. Plus, that’s three nights after three very long days of class. Yay vet school, right? The good thing is that I have a very high B in the class, so if I just resign myself to the fact that an A is unattainable, I can do not-so-hot on this exam and maintain my B. Now let’s just hope I can even do not-so-hot, as opposed to total failure.

In other news, I miss my husband a ton. I hate living 6 hours away from him. The good news is that next Wednesday I’ll be in Burbank and we’ll be heading down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with him dad and sister. I will hug and kiss my husband and sleep an absurd amount. Can’t wait!! :)


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