And… Breathe… :)

Yay! The long stretch of exams is finally over, and I get to relax a bit and catch up on my DVR time. It’s pretty awesome to not have the next exam looming over my head.

The crazy thing is that although I was most stressed for these last two exams (anatomy and pchem), they are the ones I did best on in both classes. I got an A+ on both, and the pchem really blew me away. I knew that I studied really hard, but I’m never convinced that I know the material nearly well enough, and for whatever reason I never walk out of a pchem exam feeling confident. But needless to say, I’m thrilled with my grade. :)

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the director of the Center for Comparative Medicine to ask him about serving as my mentor for the summer STAR Program and to see if he even had any research opportunities available. I was really nervous and intimidated; this guy is a big shot and could have a huge impact on my career. But it turns out that he’s super awesome and laid back, and incredibly nice. He agreed to be my mentor and let me do some research in his lab next summer, and I could not be more thrilled!! He immediately sent me a ton of articles to read so I can get started on planning out my research, and he’s going to bring in a book for me to read over xmas break. I’m so excited to dive into this and get going. :)

So after such a wonderful and successful week, I went out last night with some friends to buy a dress for the Turkey Roast, a huge social Thanksgiving event that the first year vet class puts on every year for the entire school. It’s going to be a ton of fun, and nice to unwind. After having success finding a dress, we then went out to dinner, and it was just great to get away from vet school for a little while.

Wednesday I catch an early morning flight to Los Angeles. I have 5 whole days of no class! Sure, I have an anatomy take home exam, and the STAR stuff to look over, but I’ll be lounging in LA and San Diego while doing them. Oh yeah, and eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Scott’s dad and sister. Can’t wait!!



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6 responses to “And… Breathe… :)

  1. An A+ in Anatomy and PChem?!?! You’re a vet school superstar! :)

    That’s awesome — congratulations. That must make you feel much more relaxed going into finals!

    SoCal for Thanksgiving sounds sooooo nice — I miss San Diego like nobody’s business! Have fun!

    • jjohnston27

      Haha, thanks :) It was definitely a nice feeling, because I studied super hard for those exams. It’s awesome when that pays off.

      Are you from San Diego? My husband’s family is there and I LOVE it!

      • I’m not, although I went to college outside Los Angeles and used to go down to San Diego for daytrips as often as I could. If I get to live wherever I want when I’m done with school, that’s probably where I’ll go!

  2. David

    Congrats on the tests! Hard work (and more than a little stress) DOES pay off. :P

    sounds like things are really working out. enjoy your time off. you’ve definitely earned it.

    • jjohnston27

      Thanks David! And yeah, things are going really well. I’m happy to say that I still absolutely love vet school :)

      The time away from class will be nice, but over the break I still have an anatomy take home exam, a pchem discussion, finals to study for, and some lyme disease articles to start reading to prepare for my summer research. I don’t think I’ll truly have another break again!

  3. Pleather

    Congrats! I got an A+ on both as well. We are superstars! ; ) Let’s try to do as well on the finals.

    This is a great blog!

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