Crunch time…

Okay, so I’m back from Thanksgiving break. It was a really nice and much needed escape. I flew into Burbank Wednesday morning, and Scott and I drove down to San Diego that evening to spend Thanksgiving with his dad and sister. We had a really nice, relaxing time with lots of yummy food. I did do some school work, because we have an anatomy take home that’s due tomorrow and a pchem discussion that’s due Tuesday. We also have one final this week and all the rest next week… but I could not get motivated to study. It was break time!

Anyway, we drove back to Burbank Saturday evening because Scott had to work today (it’s still Sunday to me). When he got home from work we watched football, spent some alone time, and ordered pizza until it was time to go to the airport. I just got home, and while it’s nice to be back, I already miss my husband and I’m dreading the next two weeks of school.

On a separate note, I’m furious with the chick that I paid $100 to take care of my cats over the break. I figured that since she’s a vet student, she’d care. But there are multiple things I have found that make me really angry. One of which is that she left the bag of treats out that I use to give Arwen and Samantha their meds, and it was torn open and eaten by one of the cats. I know this because I found what was left of it in the trash. Now I have no way to give them their pills in the morning. I have to get up super early and run across town to Petco. If she had just told me, I would’ve bought some more before I left Burbank! Also, I’m pretty positive she didn’t play with them, since the toys have not been moved. There are a few other things, but I’ll stop. I’m just pissed because it was a lot of money, she’s a vet student, and they are incredibly sweet cats. Ugh. Good thing they’re coming with me over Christmas break!

And now… I really should get to bed. It’s going to be a looooong two weeks ahead.



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2 responses to “Crunch time…

  1. Oooohhh — that would make me so mad. I’m taking my husband to a B&B a couple of hours away for a night in December, and I booked kennels at our vet’s clinic for the dogs . . . . . . . but I feel like it’s stressful for them to go to the kennel, and it’s just for one night, I would SO much rather have them stay home, and have one of my classmates dogsit. I figure, it’s only one night, right? How hard could it be? They’re vet students — surely they’re all responsible and love dogs, and will guard my babies with their lives. . . . . .but then I start worrying that (most of all) they’ll let one of the dogs get away on their walk. That’s my worst nightmare. Or they could just not bother showing up, and the dogs could be freaked out with no food and nowhere to go to the bathroom. And now you’re not helping, here! :) Maybe I’ll just stick with the kennel.

    • jjohnston27

      Yeah, sorry! I thought that as well — if I just found a willing vet student my cats would surely be really well cared for. I was very disappointed to find that was not the case. But I’m sure that it was an anomaly and most would be more attentive (and not leave water bowls completely bone dry, as in my case).

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