Here we go…

I am officially done with all of my classes for my first quarter of veterinary school :D All that’s left between me and three weeks of freedom is 4 final exams. We had our radiology exam yesterday (though not officially a final, since the class actually spans more than one quarter), and it wasn’t too bad at all. Of course it helped that it was open note/open book! After a long Thursday it was movie night with the girls, and we watched Star Trek and drooled over Cpt. Kirk. Oh, and I better not forget — we also watched the Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, thanks to Heather, haha. It was cute, but definitely no Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer ;) Which, by the way, I didn’t realize came out in 1964! Wow. Then today I had a 3 hour lab (starting at 8am!!), a 3 hour break, and then another 3 hour lab followed by good food and good friends at the biweekly TG. Now I am doing nothing, deciding that I need a break tonight. I may end up regretting it later, but right now I’m happy to not be studying.

So Monday is our anatomy final, Tuesday is pchem, Wednesday is cardiovascular anatomy (eek!), and Thursday is histology. It’s going to be a very tiring, long, stressful, and sleep deprived week! But then, Friday morning, I get to pack up the kittes, pick up Sharon, and drive to Los Angeles!! Woo! My plans for the holiday are crazy and awesome and I can’t wait. The only downfall is that I have an ethics paper to write, my STAR application to complete, and a book about Lyme disease to read. But still, my first quarter of vet school will be over :)


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  1. Pleather

    OMG! I *love* Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey. I thought I was the only one. You’d have to be cold and dead inside not to get choked up over it. Huh?

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