Ahhh, free at last! Except not quite.

I’m completely done with my first quarter of vet school!! Woooo!! Finals week was really intense, and was literally non-stop studying. Overall, I’m proud of myself and think that I did really well. Except for cardiovascular anatomy… apparently that class is an “easy A,” but I still studied super hard in preparation. And… didn’t get an A. Blah, I’m pretty bummed about it, because it makes me feel a bit silly to get less than an excellent grade after studying really hard and still not getting the A in an “easy” class. Oh well, I guess. Moving on…

On Friday morning I packed up the four kitties, all of my clothes for three weeks, picked up Sharon, and drove from Davis to Los Angeles. It was a pretty good trip. Six hours goes by way quicker when you have company to talk to! After dropping off Sharon in Pasadena, I finally made my way to my home in Burbank and my waiting husband. He took 10 vacation days off from work, which is so fantastic. :) After a couple of days of lounging, TV (Dexter!), and Christmas shopping, we made our way to San Diego today. Tomorrow we head out to Julian, for two nights in a fabulous bed and breakfast, to spend some time away from it all. That’s our Christmas present from Scott’s dad and sister, and I could not be more excited! After living apart for the past three months it’s going to be really nice. :) We will be back in San Diego Friday, for a holiday party with friends and family and to celebrate Christmas. I love this time of year! Then on Sunday we go back to Los Angeles, just in time for me to catch a plane to Ohio Monday morning, to spend a second Christmas with my family. I see them 1-2 times a year, so of course I can’t wait. And hopefully, there will be snow!!

The unfortunate thing is that this break is not really a complete break. Over these three weeks, I need to write a six page ethics paper, work on my STAR project application (including reading an entire novel on Lyme disease), complete my application to be the Pfizer student rep, and complete scholarship applications. I’m pretty sure that once vet school starts, there are no more actual breaks. But it’s still totally worth it :D


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  1. Whoever told you cardio anatomy was an easy A is a big fat liar :) Congratulations on finishing your first quarter!

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