Week One… Check

So I’m done with my first week of dreaded winter quarter. I’m trying to not let all of the hype about this being the hardest/worst quarter ever get to me, but I have to admit that I’m a little scared. That being said, I did enjoy my first week.

  • Cardiovascular physiology is crazy and fast paced, and my hand is cramped by the end, but it’s really interesting and fascinating. But this is the class that people actually FAIL, and more than just a few, so I’m frightened and trying to stay on top of the information. The final is February 10th, so the good thing is that it’s over quick and I don’t have to worry about it during finals week.
  • Neuroscience is equally fascinating, and the professor is hilarious. This is apparently the second class to really worry over, and I can see why. It’s amazing and interesting, but the material is complicated and will only get more so as the quarter continues.
  • Anatomy of the GI tract is pretty awesome so far. We’ve already had our related embryology lectures (which I LOVE!), and I just love anatomy in general.
  • Nutrition is dry and boring. And that’s kind of all I can say about it so far.
  • Radiology seems great, though we’ve only had one lecture at this point. Last quarter was all about the physics behind it, safety, how radiographs are made, etc. This quarter seems more oriented to clinical relevance, which is always good and far more fun.
  • Comparative Anatomy is the best elective ever. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday over lunch, and get lectured about all kinds of animals and their differences/similarities compared to the “norm.” So far we’ve had a lecture about elephants and one about rabbits. Awesomeness.

I have another elective, but we haven’t met yet – Behavior and Biology of Mice. It was originally scheduled to meet every Tuesday 3-4, and I was bummed because I have lab until five pretty much every day, meaning that I couldn’t take it. But I guess they realized that and changed it so that we meet Wednesdays over lunch, and I’m stoked. This will be the first class with direct relevance to my field of interest, so I can’t wait to get started.

Now I’m at the ARC Starbucks, trying to work on things that I desperately need to finish in order to take some weight off of my mind. One is the scholarship application (including 2 required essays) and the other is that damned ethics paper. The scholarship app is due Monday, and I’m almost done – just fine tuning my essays and other information. The ethics paper is due on the 14th. We’ve had since the beginning of December and I haven’t even started it yet. At this point, passing will be enough.


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