Full house

My husband and I have an adorable pet rat. Her name is Persephone, she’s white and cinnamon, and she’s about 2.5-3 years old. She lived, until recently, with my husband in Los Angeles. About a week and a half ago, my husband noticed a fairly large lump in her abdominal area. Knowing that rats are very prone to mammary tumors, I suggested he get her to our vet down there as soon as possible. So he made an appointment, it was for this past Tuesday. Sure enough, she has a mammary tumor, and its location will make it difficult to remove. However, given that she’s still very lively and eating/drinking/all that good stuff, my husband and I decided to give her the best chance possible. Unfortunately, the cost to get it done there, even with the discount they so graciously give us, was still a little out of our budget. So I immediately got on the phone with the VMTH (Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital) here at Davis, and with my sizable student discount, the price will be much more reasonable. And so, my wonderful husband packed up and drove our sweet old rat all the way up here Thursday night. She has an appointment on Tuesday, and after the initial exam/blood work/etc, we’ll schedule surgery. I’m very worried about her going under anesthesia, being so old. Hopefully she’ll pull through and everything will be fine. So now I have a full house, because all of the animals officially live here in Davis with me: four cats, one corn snake, and Miss Persephone. My poor husband will be returning to an empty apartment.

The only plus was that Scott was able to visit for a few days. It was, as always, amazing to have him here. Even though I was gone for several hours Saturday and Sunday studying — we have an anatomy exam tomorrow. At least he had football to keep him company, even though the Chargers totally choked.

Oh! I almost forgot about my fabulously awesome news. Here at Davis we have the STAR program. I forget what the letters stand for, but basically you get with a mentor and do summer research for them. It’s an amazing opportunity, especially for someone like me, who is focused on lab animal medicine. There is also a sizable stipend, which is important, because I have to  make money over summer break. But there is of course an application, and I have to write an essay as well as a research proposal, and I have to be accepted into the program. With the recent budget cuts, they have told us that they will only be granting half as many as they usually do. If I don’t do research this summer, I’d have to go back to L.A. and go back to my shitty hotel reservations job. So I met with my mentor this past Friday to further discuss the project, and he told me that if I don’t get accepted into the program, he’ll hire me on to do the research and pay me the stipend himself!! How rad is that?? So I will definitely be doing research this summer, woooo!!! To celebrate, Scott and I went to a wonderful Spanish restaurant Friday night and had delicious tapas and wine. It was fabulous.

And now, off to anatomy lab again to continue studying for that pesky exam.


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  1. Scott Johnston

    I LOVE my smart wizknife!

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