I feel like…


Today’s nutrition exam was painful. Unnecessarily so. As in, I studied for many, many hours and worked very hard to be prepared and I walked out praying for a C. It’s really frustrating when your grade is so not representative of the time and effort that you put in. It was just an insane amount of material, and all of the questions were about the teeny tiny details. Ugh!!

Now I’m sitting in cardio lab. With this man, if you become lost at the beginning, you’re just screwed. I missed something when he first began talking, and so I gave up. But it’s just making me even more terrified for this final, on Wednesday. Nine people failed this exam last quarter (and therefore the class). That’s unheard of in vet school, unless the exam is completely ridiculous and insane. To put it simply: I’m terrified. The material is mostly over my head and I feel like I don’t have enough time (or smarts) to really get it.

I’m overwhelmed. I’m really effing tired (should’ve slept instead of studying – didn’t make much difference). I totally killed my A in nutrition with today’s exam. I’m scared of failing cardio and having to repeat my first year.

I feel like screaming and pulling all of my hair out. I now fully understand why everyone says that this is the worst/hardest quarter in vet school. At this point, I just want to survive, I just want to pass. I’ve never aimed for “passing” before in my life, and it’s kind of sad, but it’s true.

Spring Break cannot come soon enough.


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