Clean whiteboard!

Okay, so today was the dreaded cardio exam. I studied for many, many hours over the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday, hanging out on campus in study rooms with friends until 2am most nights. I worked extremely hard to master the material. The whiteboard in my apartment was covered in flow charts, graphs, and equations.

I walked into the exam almost hopeful, feeling like I had a decent understand of all of the concepts. But of course, once I started the test, I realized just how much I didn’t know. I left honestly not knowing if I passed or not. I very seriously could’ve failed that exam. And, therefore, the entire class. It makes me feel not so bright… I mean, how could I have studied that hard and not only not ace the exam, but not even feel sure that I passed?

So I should feel terrible, right? I did right after. But a sense of calm has come over me. The exam, and therefore class, is over and there’s greatness in that. And I’ve already taken the exam, turned it in, and that’s that. Whatever happens will happen, and I’ll go from there. I’ll survive, for sure.

The best part of my day was coming home and cleaning my white board. There was something cathartic about wiping off and erasing all of that cadio crap! It’s now clean and white and glistening with two words in large black writing: It’s Over!! :)


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  1. Try not to worry about it too much – what’s done is done. Even those of us with engineering degrees got confused by how it was taught – and fundamentally, cardiology is engineering at its finest and something we understood very well. Until that class. They revisit the key points later – and you will actually understand it!

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