So it’s been a little while since I’ve written. That’s because school has been really insane. This past week we had a head anatomy exam on Monday, and a Neuroscience exam on Thursday. Until Thursday night, I don’t think I had a full night of sleep in about three weeks, it’s been nonstop studying. This weekend, however, has been amazing :)

Thursday night I went to the airport and picked up Scott, who I hadn’t seen in 5 weeks. Which is entirely too long! It was the perfect weekend for him to come though, as I don’t have an exam this coming week until Friday. Friday morning Scott came to class with me (and was bored out of his mind, I’m sure!), and then we went to the TG to get some free delicious food and hang out with friends. That night I slept… a lot… something like 10 hours! And it was amazing. Saturday I took Scott to dinner and a play on a riverboat in Sacramento to celebrate his birthday, which is March 7th, since we won’t be together for it. We got all dressed up and had a really great time :) It was so nice to get away with my husband and not worry about school for a few hours. Saturday night I slept another 11 hours, so nice! I was really behind in sleep, and I need to be well rested for the remainder of the quarter. I woke up this morning (just barely still morning!) to find out that the cardiovascular physiology grades had been posted. My heart was pounding as I pulled up the webpage… and then I literally jumped up and down and screamed as I saw the A- sitting there as my course grade. Woooo!!! Not only did I pass, I did waaaaay better than I even thought possible!! It definitely made my day even better than it already was, and it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders. :D Scott and I then spent the day out and about, and then went and saw Shutter Island, which was pretty good but also depressing. Now we’re lounging at home, with a frozen pizza in the oven. Best weekend ever. :)


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