Where did it go?

The motivation that I was all ready to tackle the weekend with yesterday has dissipated. I just d0n’t want to study. It probably has to do with the fact that I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and just kind of felt like crap all day. Last night I went to a bar in Davis for the first time. Pretty pathetic, huh? I met up with a friend at a pub downtown, had a couple of drinks, then what seemed like the rest of the vet med class of 2013 showed up, and we all went next door to get nice and sober with some dancing. That’s not really my thing, but I had a good time goofing off while most of the girls were trying to be sexy and entice guys to dance on them. Anyway, my original plan was to only be out for an hour because I was incredibly tired, but the tequila must have given me my second wind, because before I knew it the bar lights came up and it was 1:30am!! It was good to get out though, I never really do that here.

Then this morning I woke up way earlier than I would’ve wanted, but it was totally worth it. Our anatomy professor had arranged for us to visit the undergrad human anatomy gross lab this morning. They had cadavers out so that we could do some real comparative anatomy, and it was amazing! I anticipated being just a little weirded out, but I wasn’t at all, I was fascinated! It was so interesting to compare everything I’ve learned so far in canines to humans. It’s crazy, because we’re so different, and yet extremely similar. I realize that doesn’t make sense, haha, but I don’t know how else to explain it. So even though it resulted in me being exhausted and useless most of the day, it was definitely worth it!

I came home afterward, slacked for a bit, and then packed up and went to campus to study GI Anatomy. I probably only got about two hours of real studying in, between a trip to the store for Red Bull, messing around on the internet due to complete lack of focus, and walking around the building in the attempt to increase blood flow to my brain and stop nodding off. Ugh, not productive!! I finally gave up and came home. I cooked and ate my first healthy and complete meal in AGES, and I actually feel better. I need to get back to doing that, my eating habits have been beyond poor lately. Now I’m sitting around with my kitties, watching Wedding Crashers, because even though I feel a bit better, I don’t want to study. As soon as it’s over, I’m headed to bed, and I am not setting my alarm clock, dammit. I’m going to get a good night of sleep and hopefully when I wake up my motivation will have magically returned… I kind of needed it right now.


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