Say Cheese

My husband taught me something last weekend. As we came back from Sacramento on the night we celebrated his birthday (which was actually today), he stopped and stood still on the pathway leading to the stairs up to our apartment. I turned and gave him a quizzical look… he just smiled at me and said, “Frogs.” I had never noticed before, but late at night you can totally hear frogs croaking here in Davis. I haven’t lived somewhere with that possibility in a very, very long time — probably about 8 years.

I was on campus today from 12:30pm – 12:30am. I started off with a GI Anatomy podcast, then met with Deanna in our favorite study room and finished all of my flashcards for Tuesday’s exam, I then moved on to start and work on my project for my mouse elective, hit a roadblock and moved on to the Comparative Anatomy final, and finished the night by returning to GI Anatomy to review histology slides. It was a very long and tiring day. But when I got home, I stopped on the pathway leading to my apartment, and listened for a few moments. The air was cool and crisp, and the frogs were all singing to each other.

It sounds cheesy, but sometimes you have to stop and appreciate the small things.

Also, since it was my husband’s birthday today, I want to mention that I am the luckiest woman on the planet. I have the most amazing, caring, understanding, and supportive partner and could not make it through this journey without him. He’s also incredibly sexy, which certainly doesn’t hurt things ;) I totally feel like I won the husband lottery, and I wasn’t even playing! Our marriage is amazing, and what all marriages should be like. These have been, without a doubt, the happiest (almost!) 6 years of my life, and I look forward to celebrating a million more birthdays with him.

Wow, I’m full of cheese tonight, huh? :) That’s okay, it’s necessary from time to time.


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