Sorry about the grumpiness of yesterday’s post. It’s a really stressful and scary time for us here as we enter finals week of what is reportedly the hardest quarter ever, and I guess I’m a little touchy. It just came off as really condescending and boastful, and that kind of thing just gets on my nerves. But what would normally be a little irritating was magnified by my current mental state.

Speaking of mental states, I’m totally fried. I’ve been studying respiratory physiology for the past couple of days, trying to get through all of the lectures and the entire syllabus before the weekend, as that’s reserved for neuroscience. But it’s 10:30pm on Friday night, I have 30 more pages of the syllabus and 3.5 lectures to complete, and I just can’t. get. moving. All I want, more than anything in the entire world, is to crawl into bed and sleep. I can’t do that though, so it looks like I need to chug another Red Bull (the first one did nothing!!) and get cracking…


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