About time…

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, oops.

Let’s see… the Monterey Bay Aquarium was amazing!! We had several hours to tour the place on our own, which was tons of fun. It’s a pretty large place, and I think the sea horses and the jellyfish were my favorite exhibits. They had so many species of each, all different and all beautiful. Then we got a behind the scenes tour of the hospital with the doctor, which was totally interesting. We also got to say hi to a super cute sea otter in quarantine :) After that we got a behind the scenes tour with the curator, which was even more awesome. It was a really good time, and totally worth the three hour trip there and back! Thankfully I carpooled with people, so it was a fun trip.

Last night I went to the vet med talent show, and was blown away. There’s a lot of talent in vet school!! The night ended with the anatomy band, the highlight of the night. One of our anatomy professors played electric lead guitar, another played bass guitar (and acted like a total rock star), and another played the saxophone. There was also the webmaster on drums, one of our tech guys on trombone, and four 2013ers on vocals. Amazing!! I’m reminded all the time that I really am at the best vet school on the planet. :)

Classes are going okay… genetics is a pain in my ass, parasitology is AWESOME, and everything else is somewhere in between. Our first test is next Wednesday, and then it’s at least one test a week until the end of first year. Which is June 9th!!! In less than 2 months, I’ll be done with my first year of vet school… crazy. I can hardly believe that. It really does go by so quickly!

I’ve been really busy with VSO (Veterinary Student Outreach Club), because I’m one of the presidents and our yearly event, Future Day, is May2nd. We host high school students from all over the state to a free event with talks, tours, and wetlabs to learn all about veterinary medicine. I’m super excited for it, but in crazy planning mode trying to make sure everything goes smoothly.

And now, I’m writing this instead of doing my genetics take home quiz (due Wednesday) or studying endocrinology and parasitology (quiz on Thursday). Guess I should get to it…


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