Tonight I found out that a very close friend of mine was involved in a motorcycle accident. He was in the carpool lane, going about 75mph, when a car crossed the double yellow line and smashed right into him. He was sent sprawling, tumbling, and flying until he landed in the middle of the carpool lane on the freeway in a fetal position. The person that hit him continued driving. He is extremely lucky that his injuries were not life threatening. One of his knees is completely destroyed, required emergency surgery, and he will not be able to walk for some time. The other knee has a fractured patella. And his collar bone and shoulder are severely bruised and swollen. As he laid in the middle of the freeway, at least four vehicles past by or drove around him. He was on his way to work. He is an EMT, having devoted his life to helping others – yet multiple people, including the person that hit him, had the opportunity to help him but chose not to. This completely infuriates me. He could’ve been dead or dying! How could you hit someone on a motorcycle going 75mph and KEEP GOING?? How could you come up on a man who is obviously severely injured laying on the freeway and KEEP GOING? Tonight I am completely disgusted with humanity. I am so glad that my friend did not sustain worse injuries, and I hope for a fast recovery as he lay in the trauma unit tonight.

I found out this news with the tears from dropping my husband off at the airport still wet on my cheeks. We had the most wonderful weekend together, including a celebration of the 6 year anniversary of our first date. I think this was the hardest goodbye yet.

And so, a night that was supposed to be productive for the upcoming so-far-ignored-by-me endocrinology exam, has gone by without much studying. And I’m okay with that.


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