1 Down…

… 10 to go! We had our first exam of Spring quarter yesterday, in Endocrinology. I wasn’t sure that I felt prepared enough, since I didn’t really study over the weekend with Scott here, but I left feeling pretty good about it :) And it’s so crazy, we only have 6 midterms and 4 finals left! I truly can’t believe that I’m almost done with my first year of vet school, and I definitely don’t feel like I’m almost a 2nd year. Crazy. It really does go by quickly.

So I let a friend drag me to the gym tonight for a group exercise class – Turbo Kick. Does that sound scary? How about if you’re incredibly out of shape? Well it was! It totally kicked my ass. I was even lightheaded at one point, and had a stitch in my side, but pushed through. I felt half dead afterward, but now I feel great :) Sure I’m tired, but I hadn’t really moved my muscles in a very long time, and feel much better for it. I plan on continue going to classes. It’s much easier when you have friend to make you go, haha!

Tomorrow is going to be amazing. There’s a STAR lunch tomorrow, for all of the award recipients and our mentors. I’m so excited about this summer, and my research. I can’t wait to get started! But the best part about tomorrow is that after class I get to spend some time with the lab animal veterinarian at the Center for Lab Animal Science, and help her with physical exams on the new colony cats! So awesome. I love being in this environment. :)

P.S. – My friend from my last post is doing better, and was discharged from the hospital. He’s now staying with his parents, and on some crazy pain meds. I don’t know if it’s the meds or just him, but his spirits are really high and I’m super proud of him for that.


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