Lots of kitties!

Today was pretty awesome. This afternoon, after class, I headed over to Campus Veterinary Services to assist the lab animal vet do some annual physicals on colony cats and complete a health certificate for ~12 cats being shipped to another facility.

Before I could even enter the main building I had to take a complete shower, and dress in new clothing from head to toe. These kitties are specific pathogen free, and do not receive vaccinations for various reasons. So they are very strict about eliminating the possibility of any pathogens being introduced to the colony. With the close living quarters and lack of vaccination, a disease and/or infection could be devastating.

Once actually in the facility, the doctors were amazing at letting me completely jump in and help and get some hands-on experience. I was able to help with the physicals by checking eyes, ears, mouth, and lymph nodes. I was also able to take a lot of temperatures (with aural thermometers, thank god) and heart rates. And I gave one IM injection and one IV injection. I was there for three hours, and had a really amazing experience. The doctors were just so open and awesome, answering all of my questions and allowing me to be there and help out. I really look forward to doing more with them; as I was leaving, the main doctor told me I’m always welcome to come back. :)

Aside from the medical hands-on experience, it was great to just pet and play with so many kitties! The colony is known for being friendly, and that was immediately obvious. I had so many sweet cats purring, pawing at me, rubbing on me… and so many of them were orange (anyone who knows me knows that I kinda love orange cats)!! It was hard to conduct exams in some of the cat rooms, because other kitties were just in the way begging for pets. Not that I’m complaining ;)

Now I’m sitting here alone on a Friday night, and I’m totally okay with that. I’m sore from Turbo Kick with friends last night (totally kicked my ass… but so great to move my muscles and get my blood flowing!), and am enjoying laying around, watching TV, and just taking it easy. I haven’t done a single thing since getting home, even though I have a ton to do get done this weekend. I can start tomorrow morning…


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