Is there a magic number?

How many is too many? How many cats does one need before they’re considered a crazy cat lady? I’m pretty sure some people would already put me in that category, with my 4 kitties (Simon and Arwen, 8, tuxedo; Samantha, 6, torbie; Moo Kitten, 3, tuxedo). Three of them started off as fosters, but obviously I’m not very good at being a foster mom. Although the last, Moo Kitten, is my husband’s fault. I even had someone interested in adopting her (only because I promised him I would when I took her on), but he wanted to keep her. And of course I didn’t argue :)

But really… is 5 too many? I feel absurd even typing that. Of course 5 cats is insane. Who in their right mind would have FIVE cats? But also, who ever said that I’m in my right mind? Anyone who knows me at all knows that I absolutely adore orange tabby kittens. And that I don’t have one. And a friend of mine just happens to be fostering the most adorable kitten I’ve ever met. And I want to adopt him… even though I know in the back of my mind that I probably shouldn’t. But how can I say no to this face?!

It’s Sabrina’s fault. She invited me over to play with her new foster kittens knowing that I’d fall in love with the little orange one. The good thing is that he won’t even be up for adoption for a while yet, he’s only 3 weeks old now and it’ll probably be at least 5 more weeks until he’s ready. So I have lots of time to decide which part of my internal battle is going to win.

I couldn’t even count on my husband to put his foot down! One look at the pictures and all he said was that he wasn’t completely opposed to the idea. And my best friend has 5 cats and 2 dogs, so of course she was no help.

I realize that I just wrote an entire post about that kitten. But guess where I am? Yup, Immunology again, bored out of my mind. This is now my daily mental break, which is needed today anyway — on hour 5 of 6 hours of straight lecture.



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3 responses to “Is there a magic number?

  1. Oh, oh, oh! If there are multiple people in the house, you get to average the animals out over the people! So really, you only have 2.5 cats, and your husband has 2.5 cats, and I don’t think anyone would think that 2.5 cats is unreasonable. Usually I think the threshold for crazy cat ladydom is around 3 or 4 cats (there are a lot of factors that go into the calculation, so it’s variable), AND you also get a deduction for being married (or having a child), so you’re fiiiiiiine! Go get some more cats! :)

    When people say I’m crazy for having 4 big dogs, I point out to them that *I* have *2* dogs, and my husband also has 2 dogs, and that is a perfectly reasonable number of dogs to have. And I stand by that. :)

  2. ahhh she is adorable… You want her you know you do hehe.. Look at that face.

  3. Pleather

    Choose wisely. This little kitten is perfect and will easily find a home. Some other little orange kitten is sure to come along who really needs you and the care you can provide. As for a number, I know many people with more than 10 cats. It all depends on your ability to accommodate the number of cats you have and the group dynamics–and your willingness to deal with any unanticipated behavioral issues. He is adorable!

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