Go Figure

With my waning motivation and desire to give a damn, I decided to actually study at my desk tonight. If I study at home, it’s always on my huge comfy couch in front of the TV… but I knew that would quickly lead to TV watching and then a sleepiness I would not be able to overcome. Not for renal physiology, anyway. So for the first time since starting vet school, I cleared all of the unopened mail, unread books, and ignored AJVR journals off of my desk, and set up shop. And, imagine this, I got a good amount of work done! I know this isn’t a ground breaking discovery, but for me it kind of is.

I got a late start on studying today, much later than I would’ve liked (see the first handful of words in this post), but I’m pretty pleased with my progress. I think I need to use my desk for it’s intended purpose more often.

And now… off to bed (even the desk can’t ward off sleepiness for that long).


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  1. I think it’s interesting how much more productive I am when my desk is clean. You wouldn’t think it would matter that much, right? I mean, I’m reading — what difference does it make how much stuff is around me? But it totally does!

    My routine when I sit down to study is:
    clean off my desk
    get all my notes for the relevant class into one binder
    put a little colored tape flag on the first page of each lecture so I can see them all at once

    And I think the few extra minutes of organization really help!

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