Before I disappear…

I should probably post now (during my Wildlife Management course – oops) before I retreat to the dark and time sucking cave of finals. I have six real ones this quarter (not counting a take home and final project), and the first one is tomorrow morning. It’s in radiology, and it is cumulative, covering the entire YEAR. Yes, that’s right, all of the material from September through last week. The only saving grace is that it’s open note, but that is not as much of a comfort as you might think. Notes can’t really teach you how to read difficult radiographs. And from there it’s finals, projects, and papers until June 9th.

Anyway. I don’t really want to fill up an entire post talking about stupid finals, so let’s not. Let’s instead talk about summer, which is just 3.5 weeks away. Three months of no school. Three months full of awesomeness. I know I’ve already mentioned my research; I’ll be working with Lyme disease and cute mice all summer (yes, I know that they are research subjects and not cute cuddly puppies – but I still love mice and think they’re super cute). Related to that, I will be traveling to the vet school at the University of Georgia in Athens to the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium to talk about my research and do some networking. Several of my amazing classmates are also going, so I’m sure there will also be plenty of fun to be had. It’s August 5-8th, and should be nothing short of super rad.

Also this summer, I will be going to Ohio at the end of August to attend my huge family reunion for the first time ever. It’s held every year on the old family farm and is a three day event. I haven’t gone in the past, either due to money or that it’s usually around/during my birthday. But this year my mom generously paid for the plane tickets, and turning 29 isn’t exactly a birthday I need to go out and celebrate with friends. Forgetting it is just fine! There will be many family members there that I haven’t seen in a very long time, and also some that I’ve never even met! Even better is that Scott will be joining me, so I get to show off my incredibly amazing husband :) And he’s really only met my immediate family, so it’ll be nice to introduce him to some beloved family members for the first time. Good thing we’re already married – now he’s much harder to scare off ;)

Speaking of my wonderful husband, he will be visiting me this weekend and it’s been entirely too long! Going four weeks without seeing him is nothing short of unbearable. The unfortunate thing is that I will be working on a group final project and studying for the next final while he’s here. It can’t be helped, and there were just no ideal weekends for him to visit this quarter (tons of Monday exams, and then finals!). But he will be here… I can hug and kiss him whenever I want and will be able to crawl into bed next to him at night and wake up next to him in the morning. Plus, he has pledged to bring me yummy food, take care of the chores, and basically pamper me while I’m studying :) His plane arrives tomorrow evening, and I can’t wait to tackle him in the airport.

Only 3.5 weeks until I’m done with my first year of vet school. Woo!! :D


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