“I couldn’t be a veterinarian because…

…I just love animals too much!”

Do you have any idea how much that statement grates on my nerves? What are you trying to say about me, who you just learned is a veterinary student? That I don’t really like animals all that much? Yeah, you’re right. I’m devoting over 8 years of schooling and $200,000+ in debt to go into a profession with the worst debt to income ratio out there… all because I kinda sorta like animals. A little. And this came from a 40+ woman working the drive through at KFC. So you’re telling me that you would’ve been a veterinarian, but because you love animals too much you devoted your life to serving people fried chicken and mashed potatoes?

Okay, so that sounded a little harsh. Especially since I worked plenty of those kinds of jobs. But it just annoys me when people say that, and I’ve heard it a million times.

In fact, you have to REALLY care about animals and their welfare in order to go through all of this to make their lives better. I’m also going into this field because I love and am fascinated by science and medicine. This field is so exciting, it evolves daily, and you never stop learning amazing things. It’s be the best profession ever, and no one goes into it because they feel “meh” about animals. But also no one goes into it because they just want to hug puppies and kittens all day (although I wouldn’t mind that!). It’s a lot more complicated than that, and most people really don’t get it.


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  1. I am an emergency vet and I regularly euthanize animals for people that I have never met. By that, I mean something like 7-10 owned animals a week, not including wildlife and those stray animals that the AC brings in that are too damaged. I had one woman tell me that she wanted to be a vet, but she loved animals too much and how could I do *it.* Then she paused and said, “You know, murder animals.” This was as I was very compassionately euthanizing her animal that had something horribly wrong (yet ultimately fixable). I have the answer down pat after all of this time, “I am releasing your pet from the pain and misery and it will never feel pain again.”

    I also had a woman ask me if anyone was going to kick her 3 month old chihuahua as she was signing the consent to hospitalize forms. That did startle me. I replied that the pay was so horrible that the only reason anyone was in veterinary medicine was because they love animals.

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