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Postcard weekend

My wonderful husband was in town this past weekend, and we had an amazing, almost magical weekend. Thursday night he arrived, and that time was just for us to spend at home relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I had to go into work Friday, but only for a couple of hours – I had to remake some antibiotic doses and rearrange some mice into treatment groups. That evening we met up with some friends at Burgers and Brew, had some delicious food and drink, and continued the drinking and laughing part at a friend’s house. We were there way past Scott’s bedtime, but had a great time. Then Saturday morning I woke him up, told him to get dressed, and said there was somewhere that I wanted to take him. So we got in the car and I drove… and drove… and kept driving. Two hours into the trip, with Scott thoroughly confused, we arrived in Tahoe City, part of North Lake Tahoe. I had been planning this little day trip to Tahoe as a surprise getaway from Davis. We ate a fantastic lunch in Tahoe City, and then drove down the West Shore. We stopped along the way at various spots and locations, taking our time. Our first stop was at the Tahoe Maritime Museum, and now I want a huge, beautiful, old school boat, like the ones in the picture below. They were all polished wood, shiny fixtures, stunning details, airplane motors, and beautiful!! I’ve always said that I want to own a boat someday, and it’s sad that they don’t make them like this anymore. After the museum and some scenic driving, we found ourselves at the Ehrman Mansion, in beautiful Sugar Pine Point Park. The building was stunning, but we also spent a lot of time roaming the grounds and the park, watching chipmunks, feeding geese, and sitting hand in hand with our feet dangling off the end of a dock jutting out into the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe. From there it was on to visit Vikingsholm Castle, located at the end of Emerald Bay, just opposite Fannette Island. I cannot imagine a more magical setting for such a magnificent home. The place and view took my breath away. It was a mile walk down a steep path to the shore where the castle proudly sits. But the walk is amazing, with small waterfalls and bubbling brooks all along the way carrying water from the Spring melt down into the bay. We got a tour of the castle, which was more than well worth the $5 per person. We then spent some more time just lounging by the water and falling further in love with Lake Tahoe. This picture I took with my cheap little digital camera says it all… the entire place looks like it came straight from a postcard.

It was such a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating day; even so, we were beat when we finally got home that night, after another two hour drive interrupted by a late dinner at In-N-Out.

Sunday I had to start treatments on mice for my second project, but was only at the lab for about an hour. Before that we had lunch and hang out time with Deanna, and afterward just relaxed until it was time for me to once again drop Scott off at the airport. It should be getting easier to watch him go up that escalator and back to Los Angeles’ greedy arms, but I think that it’s becoming more and more difficult with each trip and each tearful drive back home without him.

Now I’m sitting in my cold lab, having arrived at 7:30am and not leaving until 5, daydreaming about my husband and our already planned next visit to Tahoe, in September.


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Dear Weekend

Thanks for being awesome. I think I was more social this weekend than I was the entirety of last quarter (cause studying totally doesn’t count, no matter how much fun I may have). Friday I went with Deanna out to her AMAZING new house in Natomas. Totally worth the extra miles + time it will take to get to school. It makes you realize how much they take advantage of students here in Davis. What she’s getting for the price she’s paying is really great. Movie night will just be that much more awesome :) Then we went back to her Davis house (she wasn’t moved in to the new place yet) and got all caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. I don’t care if you judge me for loving reality TV, I adore it and I’m not ashamed to admit it :P

Then yesterday I met up with Corinne for some delicious lunch at Sam’s, then headed over to Josie’s for a total movie marathon (complete with lots of cookies) including Extraordinary Measures (GREAT story, but very “meh” movie), Edward Scissorhands (I dare ANYONE to deny the awesomeness that is this movie), and American History X (so hard to watch, but incredibly poignant). Those last two, both of which I’d previously seen, are part of Corinne’s project to educate Josie on all the fabulous movies that she’s missed out on. I’ve kinda joined the effort, and Edward Scissorhands was my contribution. We then sat around talking until entirely too late. Totally worth it though, it was a lot of fun. I look forward to future installments of Josie’s education.

Today I met up with Sabrina and we headed into Woodland. We had a delicious lunch at In-N-Out (Sunday is my bad day :)), then went to Ross where I found a super cute dress for $15 (!!), and finally ended up spending way too much money at Costco. They had 42 pound bags of scoopable cat litter for $10, and Sabrina had $2.50-off coupons!! If you had 5 cats, you would understand why that’s so exciting, haha. Since then I’ve been home (minus a trip to Petco and Panda Express) just relaxing and doing a lot of wonderful nothing. I need to do a couple of chores tonight, then get to bed. I’m bummed that I won’t be in the lab tomorrow, as I have STAR orientation. The good thing is that the schedule sent out for the two day orientation is full of interesting talks and field trips. Yes, field trips, including a bus, haha. So it should actually be pretty cool.

Yeah, so, summer is amazing and I totally am loving it. It’s nice to write about just regular people crap. It may still be uninteresting, but at least it’s not study-study-exam-blah-blah.

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Today = Awesome

As the title says, today was pretty amazing. I got a lot done in the lab today. After morning treatments I learned and practiced how to read a hemocytometer (something that I should’ve learned in immunology lab, but was only half paying attention that day) and then discussed with the lab supervisor another project that I will start on next week. It will be entirely mine, and I’ll be doing all of the work, eep! There’s still some nervousness there, I really don’t want to screw up any would-be-valuable research! After lunch I watched/helped with inoculations, and then it was time for afternoon treatments and home. Overall very educational and productive :)

Also, I worked out today for the fourth day in a row. I’m determined to lose ~15 pounds this summer and be comfortable in a bathing suit by August. I’ve been eating healthy and working out, and I’m totally proud of myself. I’m doing the P90 work out, so 6 days a week, alternating between 3 days of resistance/sculpting and 3 days of cardio/abs. And on the 7th day I get to rest. It’s completely kicking my ass, which is what I need. Reaching for those mice cages on the top shelf has been pretty painful! But I will be totally hot by the end of summer, woo!

Scott informed me today that he got my car payment in the mail and it was less than it should be. I’ve been paying the same amount forever. So he called them, and the reason it was lower was because it’s THE LAST PAYMENT!! Time had gotten away from me and I hadn’t realized I was so close to paying it off. But I now officially own my car – after five years of payments. Pretty awesome. That frees up $300 a month, which is a nice chunk of change. And if for some reason I do need a new car, I don’t owe any money on my current one. Sweet.

And!! Scott will be back in one week, all of my travel plans for this summer are booked and good to go (San Diego late July, Georgia early August, Ohio late August; a lot of flying for someone with a phobia – yay xanax!), the kitten is getting along well with everyone, I’m getting (mostly) plenty of sleep, and this weekend I don’t have to do ANYTHING! :)

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Hol. Ly. Crap!!

I’m done with my first year of vet school!! Aahhhh! I’m officially a second year student, and that feels pretty amazing. This time a year ago I was waiting for a call from the school to tell me they made a terrible mistake. I was wondering what it would be like, if I could handle it, how I would ever make it to summer. And here I am :D And I must say, I did pretty damn well this last quarter, so that feels awesome as well. All in all, I had an amazing first year. Sure there was stress, and even tears a few times, but there were many more smiles, laughs, and I learned so many incredible things and had so many really amazing opportunities. :)

This past weekend my wonderful husband was here, and it was pretty awesome to have a weekend with him without worrying about the next exam, an upcoming paper, a project due, etc. We did a lot of relaxing, we went to a movie, and he even cooked an amazing dinner of seared scallops an salad – it was delicious! We also decided to invite the little orange kitten into our apartment for a trial run. I wouldn’t agree to adopting him until I could see how my cats would react, as they’re more important. And I must say, so far so good! The only one still growling is Samantha, but she is not afraid of him and he quickly backs down from her. The rest of the cats have welcomed him, and Simon has even been playing with him. I think things will work out, and the adoption will be permanent. But really, how could anyone not love this face?!

Yup, he’s ridiculous. In other news, I started my research on Monday, and I’m loving working in the lab so far!! I have treatments to give every morning and afternoon, and in between I’m learning how to process samples and do various bench work so that I can do these things with my project when the time comes. I’m so happy that I chose to do this project over the summer, it’s really amazing and I’m learning so much.

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I was any happier than I am right now. It sounds cheesy, but I love my life :)

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