Hol. Ly. Crap!!

I’m done with my first year of vet school!! Aahhhh! I’m officially a second year student, and that feels pretty amazing. This time a year ago I was waiting for a call from the school to tell me they made a terrible mistake. I was wondering what it would be like, if I could handle it, how I would ever make it to summer. And here I am :D And I must say, I did pretty damn well this last quarter, so that feels awesome as well. All in all, I had an amazing first year. Sure there was stress, and even tears a few times, but there were many more smiles, laughs, and I learned so many incredible things and had so many really amazing opportunities. :)

This past weekend my wonderful husband was here, and it was pretty awesome to have a weekend with him without worrying about the next exam, an upcoming paper, a project due, etc. We did a lot of relaxing, we went to a movie, and he even cooked an amazing dinner of seared scallops an salad – it was delicious! We also decided to invite the little orange kitten into our apartment for a trial run. I wouldn’t agree to adopting him until I could see how my cats would react, as they’re more important. And I must say, so far so good! The only one still growling is Samantha, but she is not afraid of him and he quickly backs down from her. The rest of the cats have welcomed him, and Simon has even been playing with him. I think things will work out, and the adoption will be permanent. But really, how could anyone not love this face?!

Yup, he’s ridiculous. In other news, I started my research on Monday, and I’m loving working in the lab so far!! I have treatments to give every morning and afternoon, and in between I’m learning how to process samples and do various bench work so that I can do these things with my project when the time comes. I’m so happy that I chose to do this project over the summer, it’s really amazing and I’m learning so much.

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I was any happier than I am right now. It sounds cheesy, but I love my life :)


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