Today = Awesome

As the title says, today was pretty amazing. I got a lot done in the lab today. After morning treatments I learned and practiced how to read a hemocytometer (something that I should’ve learned in immunology lab, but was only half paying attention that day) and then discussed with the lab supervisor another project that I will start on next week. It will be entirely mine, and I’ll be doing all of the work, eep! There’s still some nervousness there, I really don’t want to screw up any would-be-valuable research! After lunch I watched/helped with inoculations, and then it was time for afternoon treatments and home. Overall very educational and productive :)

Also, I worked out today for the fourth day in a row. I’m determined to lose ~15 pounds this summer and be comfortable in a bathing suit by August. I’ve been eating healthy and working out, and I’m totally proud of myself. I’m doing the P90 work out, so 6 days a week, alternating between 3 days of resistance/sculpting and 3 days of cardio/abs. And on the 7th day I get to rest. It’s completely kicking my ass, which is what I need. Reaching for those mice cages on the top shelf has been pretty painful! But I will be totally hot by the end of summer, woo!

Scott informed me today that he got my car payment in the mail and it was less than it should be. I’ve been paying the same amount forever. So he called them, and the reason it was lower was because it’s THE LAST PAYMENT!! Time had gotten away from me and I hadn’t realized I was so close to paying it off. But I now officially own my car – after five years of payments. Pretty awesome. That frees up $300 a month, which is a nice chunk of change. And if for some reason I do need a new car, I don’t owe any money on my current one. Sweet.

And!! Scott will be back in one week, all of my travel plans for this summer are booked and good to go (San Diego late July, Georgia early August, Ohio late August; a lot of flying for someone with a phobia – yay xanax!), the kitten is getting along well with everyone, I’m getting (mostly) plenty of sleep, and this weekend I don’t have to do ANYTHING! :)


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