Dear Weekend

Thanks for being awesome. I think I was more social this weekend than I was the entirety of last quarter (cause studying totally doesn’t count, no matter how much fun I may have). Friday I went with Deanna out to her AMAZING new house in Natomas. Totally worth the extra miles + time it will take to get to school. It makes you realize how much they take advantage of students here in Davis. What she’s getting for the price she’s paying is really great. Movie night will just be that much more awesome :) Then we went back to her Davis house (she wasn’t moved in to the new place yet) and got all caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. I don’t care if you judge me for loving reality TV, I adore it and I’m not ashamed to admit it :P

Then yesterday I met up with Corinne for some delicious lunch at Sam’s, then headed over to Josie’s for a total movie marathon (complete with lots of cookies) including Extraordinary Measures (GREAT story, but very “meh” movie), Edward Scissorhands (I dare ANYONE to deny the awesomeness that is this movie), and American History X (so hard to watch, but incredibly poignant). Those last two, both of which I’d previously seen, are part of Corinne’s project to educate Josie on all the fabulous movies that she’s missed out on. I’ve kinda joined the effort, and Edward Scissorhands was my contribution. We then sat around talking until entirely too late. Totally worth it though, it was a lot of fun. I look forward to future installments of Josie’s education.

Today I met up with Sabrina and we headed into Woodland. We had a delicious lunch at In-N-Out (Sunday is my bad day :)), then went to Ross where I found a super cute dress for $15 (!!), and finally ended up spending way too much money at Costco. They had 42 pound bags of scoopable cat litter for $10, and Sabrina had $2.50-off coupons!! If you had 5 cats, you would understand why that’s so exciting, haha. Since then I’ve been home (minus a trip to Petco and Panda Express) just relaxing and doing a lot of wonderful nothing. I need to do a couple of chores tonight, then get to bed. I’m bummed that I won’t be in the lab tomorrow, as I have STAR orientation. The good thing is that the schedule sent out for the two day orientation is full of interesting talks and field trips. Yes, field trips, including a bus, haha. So it should actually be pretty cool.

Yeah, so, summer is amazing and I totally am loving it. It’s nice to write about just regular people crap. It may still be uninteresting, but at least it’s not study-study-exam-blah-blah.


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