Postcard weekend

My wonderful husband was in town this past weekend, and we had an amazing, almost magical weekend. Thursday night he arrived, and that time was just for us to spend at home relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I had to go into work Friday, but only for a couple of hours – I had to remake some antibiotic doses and rearrange some mice into treatment groups. That evening we met up with some friends at Burgers and Brew, had some delicious food and drink, and continued the drinking and laughing part at a friend’s house. We were there way past Scott’s bedtime, but had a great time. Then Saturday morning I woke him up, told him to get dressed, and said there was somewhere that I wanted to take him. So we got in the car and I drove… and drove… and kept driving. Two hours into the trip, with Scott thoroughly confused, we arrived in Tahoe City, part of North Lake Tahoe. I had been planning this little day trip to Tahoe as a surprise getaway from Davis. We ate a fantastic lunch in Tahoe City, and then drove down the West Shore. We stopped along the way at various spots and locations, taking our time. Our first stop was at the Tahoe Maritime Museum, and now I want a huge, beautiful, old school boat, like the ones in the picture below. They were all polished wood, shiny fixtures, stunning details, airplane motors, and beautiful!! I’ve always said that I want to own a boat someday, and it’s sad that they don’t make them like this anymore. After the museum and some scenic driving, we found ourselves at the Ehrman Mansion, in beautiful Sugar Pine Point Park. The building was stunning, but we also spent a lot of time roaming the grounds and the park, watching chipmunks, feeding geese, and sitting hand in hand with our feet dangling off the end of a dock jutting out into the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe. From there it was on to visit Vikingsholm Castle, located at the end of Emerald Bay, just opposite Fannette Island. I cannot imagine a more magical setting for such a magnificent home. The place and view took my breath away. It was a mile walk down a steep path to the shore where the castle proudly sits. But the walk is amazing, with small waterfalls and bubbling brooks all along the way carrying water from the Spring melt down into the bay. We got a tour of the castle, which was more than well worth the $5 per person. We then spent some more time just lounging by the water and falling further in love with Lake Tahoe. This picture I took with my cheap little digital camera says it all… the entire place looks like it came straight from a postcard.

It was such a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating day; even so, we were beat when we finally got home that night, after another two hour drive interrupted by a late dinner at In-N-Out.

Sunday I had to start treatments on mice for my second project, but was only at the lab for about an hour. Before that we had lunch and hang out time with Deanna, and afterward just relaxed until it was time for me to once again drop Scott off at the airport. It should be getting easier to watch him go up that escalator and back to Los Angeles’ greedy arms, but I think that it’s becoming more and more difficult with each trip and each tearful drive back home without him.

Now I’m sitting in my cold lab, having arrived at 7:30am and not leaving until 5, daydreaming about my husband and our already planned next visit to Tahoe, in September.


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