Perfect placement

I have a really long day tomorrow. It involves waking up at ~5:30am, working in the lab until 5pm, then heading back to the lab for a collection at 8pm. I.e. – sleep is precious.

Just as I’m finally snuggled into bed, all cozy and ready to be taken away to dreamland, I hear that familiar sound. That retching, heaving, horrible sound of a cat about to vomit. My eyes snap open, and I realize that the sound is coming from under me. Just then, up it comes. It sounds like ten days worth of food. I groan, reluctantly throw back the covers, and get on my hands and knees. Sure enough, there is all of Samantha’s dinner and million gallons of post-dinner water (she’s on prenisolone – makes you thirsty)… in a lovely yellow pile. The kicker? It’s almost exactly centered under the bed. It’s like she planned it. Of course, I have no choice but to clean it up. But before I can even gather up supplies, I have to lock Tucker and Moo away. After all, that food is barely digested, it’s still perfectly good!! Ew. So then I grab the roll of paper towels, the Resolve, and a plastic bag. And I move the bed. This heavy, queen-sized mattress + box spring has to be moved pretty much across the room to give me access to the clean up needed. Ugh. I clean up the mess, let the scavengers out of the bathroom, and then proceed to move the behemoth of a bed (that’s how it felt, anyway) back to it’s proper spot.

Now I’m wide awake, with cleaning fumes circling in my head and my muscles all pumped and ready to lift more heavy things. Great. At least tomorrow is Friday…


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