Busy busy busy…

It’s been a busy week!! Busy and pretty great :)

Saturday was a friend’s birthday, so she had a BBQ/pot luck that was a ton of fun. There was lots of yummy food (including a ridiculous birthday cake!), plenty of beer, card games, and laughter. It was a great time, and I’m so thankful to be hanging out with such great people over the summer. During the school year there isn’t as much time for purely social get togethers, and I was afraid that people would be too scattered over the summer, but that’s proving to not be true at all.

Sunday was the 4th, so a bunch of us met at the aforementioned birthday girl’s house to walk the few blocks to the park – much better than trying to battle the parking lots and traffic! People brought blankets and chairs and we found a perfect shady spot to lounge and spend the day. We had some disguised (and strong!) margaritas, otter pops, and I had a cheeseburger from one of the local high school sports teams BBQ fundraiser. When it was finally dark enough, the fireworks show started and I have to say I was very impressed. Especially for a small town in a state wrought with financial troubles. I love fireworks like a five year old, and these did not disappoint :)

Monday was a holiday (yay!), and some planned hiking got canceled so I stayed in all day. I’m very aware of the series True Blood on HBO, and some of my friends are huge fans. I know that they’re based on books, which I’ve heard are really good. So I downloaded the iBooks app on my iPhone, and purchased the first book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I started reading it, and when I went to bed many hours later, I had finished it and purchased the second book!! I’m (obviously) really impressed with them so far, they are well written with a lot of character development. And this may sound like blasphemy to some people, but they are infinitely better than the Twilight books (and yes, I can judge because yes, I did read those). They are what vampire books should be, with just enough of a modern twist. I’m almost done with book 2 (of 10), and want to start watching the series soon. Another awesome thing about summer – time for pleasure reading!

This week in the lab has been very busy. This is really the first time I’ve sat at my desk for more than a few minutes all week. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but this week has included mouse blood samples, examining Borrelia burgdorferi samples using dark field microscopy (so cool), starting a quite large MIC/MBC experiment, preparing a ton of horse samples for PCR analysis, running some samples with both conventional and real-time PCR, and doing necropsies this morning. And I’m LOVING it! Except for the stress and anxiety that comes with the fear of screwing things up, haha. So far, so good though. And today my mentor/P.I. took the entire lab out to lunch, his treat – so that was nice. And now I must go make some primers! :)


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