Yesterday, science was amazing. Today, it is extremely frustrating. Yay research…

Yesterday: I helped in the discovery of something pretty darn cool. In response, my mentor/P.I. suggested that I submit an abstract for the ACVP (American College of Veterinary Pathologists) conference, which is in October in Baltimore, MD. He said that if I was chosen to present this research at the conference, he would cover all of my conference and travel expenses. Yes, I have an amazingly supportive mentor :) Also, this will most likely lead to a publication, and I would be listed as one of the authors. Needless to say, I left work on cloud 9 yesterday, absolutely thrilled and with my head full of ideas about my abstract.

Today: After growing cultures for 5 days, doing 13 serial dilutions of antibiotics, plating everything and letting it incubate for 72 hours, I began my MIC analysis this afternoon. It did not go well. At the lowest antibiotic concentration there were only a few spirochetes, and those were nonmotile (most likely dead). This is not an expected outcome, and the guy in the lab that’s my go to for this experiment said that I needed to start over and redo the entire thing. Pretty disheartening, because I’m sure it was human error on my part somewhere along the way. So I started new cultures today, and hopefully it works this time around!

Now: I think I will go home.


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