This and That

My lab work is going really well. The push is officially on to have data ready by the time I go to the conference in Georgia. It’s not necessary to have results by then, but it would be awfully nice. I have 300 (!!!) tissue samples to weigh and trim down to 25 mg, digest, and extract DNA from. Then I have to run each sample through real-time PCR. In triplicate. That’s 900 samples. Of course, once that is all done, I get to interpret the results and am expected to draw conclusions…. let’s just say that I’m not real hopeful of having concrete stuff to show in Georgia. But I’m going to try!! Today I weighed, trimmed, and digested 60 of the 300 samples, and will extract DNA from them tomorrow. :)

Also… I helped discover something pretty freaking cool in the lab. And my mentor/P.I. suggested that I submit an abstract to the ACVP (American College of Veterinary Pathologists) conference, being held in Baltimore, MD at the end of October/beginning of November. If I’m chosen to present this research, I will have to prepare a poster and my mentor said he will pay all conference/travel fees!!! Is that amazing, or what? I am so thankful to have him as a mentor… he really cares and wants his students to succeed. The abstract is due August 20th, and I’m really hoping they like it and chose it for their conference. It would be so amazing :)

Tomorrow after work I’m leaving to spend the weekend in San Diego with my in-laws (whom I absolutely adore). And tomorrow night after Scott picks me up from the airport, we’re going to a secret romantic dinner to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, which is Monday. I really need this little vacation away from Davis, and I’m excited to spend it in San Diego surrounded by loving family and my amazing husband.

Last night I got a new tattoo. I am absolutely thrilled with it :) I’ve been planning this particular piece for a very long time, and it turned out better than I ever imagined. The woman who did it is incredibly talented.

And before anyone asks, it’s a design from the liner notes of the NIN CD single for the song Sin. The inside is colored to look like rust, which was Scott’s brilliant idea. Love it :)

And with that, I need to sleep!! Lots of work to do tomorrow before I can leave the lab and head to San Diego!


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