It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Since that last post I have been utterly SWAMPED at work. The only reason I’m sitting at my desk this moment and able to type this is because someone else is currently using the hood. Which, of course, just means I’ll be here even later tonight. And it was already looking like a 8am-7pm kind of day. To top it all off, I got back my first set of PCR results, and it’s pretty much the opposite of what we expected. It may all be moot thanks to a vendor mix up. And the conference is next weekend, and I have no idea what I’m going to put on my poster or how in the world I’m going to explain these bizarre results. I. am. so. frustrated. If nothing else, this experience is teaching me that lab animal medicine is definitely right for me, and research is probably NOT.

Good news… um, let’s see. I spend two amazing weekends back-to-back in San Diego with my husband and in-laws. That was great. Despite all the crap with my research and poster, I’m going to have a blast in Georgia. Four of my closest friends will also be there, so I can’t NOT have a great time. At the end of August I’m spending over a week away from Davis, including some time in L.A. with friends and husband (and my birthday, which I’m not entirely thrilled about) and some time in Ohio with family. That will be great :)

Oh, the hood just became free. I wish I could continue to sit at my desk and waste time, but… I have to much to do.


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