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After years of struggling and trying and failing, I have finally accepted the fact that I absolutely cannot work out for the sake of working out. I think the longest I’ve been faithful to a program was a month. Besides that, a week here or there. I just get so BORED. I can’t bring myself to care enough to do it. I dread getting on the elliptical and staring at the wall for 30 minutes. I hate lifting weights just to lift them. Some may call me lazy, and I even call myself lazy, but I think I just find working out tedious and boring and not worth the effort.

So I found a solution. There’s a dance studio in Sacramento that offers adult beginner classes in jazz and hip-hop. And I’m going to start this Thursday!! Getting a workout while having fun, learning something, and broadening my artistic ability is totally awesome. :) See, when I played soccer I was in the best shape of my life. But I wasn’t playing to be in shape, I was playing because I adored the game. Since I was having fun, I never even realized that I was working out. I’ll take three classes per week, and I really think that I’ll have a blast AND be get hot. That’s totally win-win. I can’t wait to get started. Oh, and tomorrow I’m going roller skating with a couple of friends, another thing that’s fun and a workout at the same time. Perfect!


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Welcome home

Haha… I knew I should’ve stayed in Burbank with my husband! Last night at about 10pm, after a 6 hour drive, I finally arrived home. I gathered my luggage and whatnot and trudged upstairs… only to realize that I was locked out. See, Scott had the Burbank locks changed due to the deadlock becoming increasingly sticky and impossible to open. When he gave me the new key, I removed the old one from my key ring and replaced it with the new one.

Turns out I removed the key to the DAVIS apartment. So when I arrived home I had one old Burbank key, one new Burbank key, and not a single Davis key. I have too many keys!!  I immediately started to freak out a bit, running through some options in my mind when I remembered that my friend Sabrina had fed the kitties over the weekend, so she had a key!! I called her… no answer. I messaged her on Facebook with my phone… no answer. This is when I really got worried. There was one more option. She works at the VMTH pharmacy, so I called… “Pharmacy, this is Sabrina.” THANK GOD. So I lugged all of my crap back to my car, drove over the the vet school (which is thankfully only about 7-10 minutes away), and picked up the key.

I finally walked into my apartment… only to feel a heat wave hit me. I walked to the thermostat. It was set to about 65 degrees, but was currently 85 in the apartment! The AC was chugging away, but making an awful noise and blowing absolutely NO air from any of the vents. Well Mother Effer. Called and left a message with the office, then called first this this morning. It was fixed by the time I got home.

Oh but it’s not over. I had a dentist appointment at 9am this morning. 2 hours of drilling, poking, prodding, gagging, DISGUSTING tastes, and spraying. UGH. Hate the dentist. On the plus side, the filling that’s been dislodged for the past 2 weeks is fixed, so I can eat on the right side of my mouth again, haha.

Then I went to work, and wasted hours waiting for data analysis that had already been done and just not handed to me, and to use the hood while my manager took up the space while chatting with everyone and their brother. I was there from 11am – 3pm, for about an hour of work. Annoying.

So. I’m going to bed early tonight. After I go out and get some ice cream. And hopefully tomorrow will be WAY better.

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So I apologize to the few people that stop by here that I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m actually enjoying my first real break from school/research in almost a year!!

Last Thursday, the 19th, I packed up and drove the 6 hours from Davis to Burbank. My sweet husband greeted me with an enormous box of Godiva chocolate truffles. Oh, he knows me very, very well :) It was one of my birthday presents (which was still a week away) and he just couldn’t wait. Then he took me out to a sushi dinner, which I haven’t had in sooo long – it was delicious! He gave me my other present that night as well. He made a video, complete with titles, perfect music choices and pictures, of our life together thus far. Needless to say, I was a crying mess by the end of it. I have the most amazing husband on the planet, no doubt.

Bright and early the next morning (4:45am!) we caught a cab to the airport to fly out to Ohio/Pennsylvania to hang with my mom and brother and attend the annual Morgan family reunion. It was my first time, and there were so many relatives there that I had never met! My great-great grandparents had 12 children, so it’s a pretty enornmous and wide-spread family when you consider all of the extended members and their spouses, children, etc. It was a 3 day event out on a old farm in the middle of nowhere with a bonfire, more homemade food than you can ever dream of, and lots of talking and catching up. And on Saturday night, the entertainment was a square dance caller with an amp from who knows when, a record player, and a stack of 45s with square dance music. Did I mention that my family is really a bunch a goodhearted rednecks? We were frequently referred to as “the kids from California.” But as it turns out, Scott and I enjoyed it and picked it up pretty quickly, haha. We had a great time and plan to make an effort to return next year.

Then it was back on a plane to Burbank Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty uneventful, Scott had to work, I laid around the apartment enjoying laziness and TV during the day and relaxing with Scott in the evenings. The laziness was productive, though. Prompted by the trip back East and a family tree I received several years ago, I started doing some genealogy research. All I have to say is that is the most amazing site ever and totally and completely worth the membership price. I have found census records dating back to the 1880s (as in an image of the ACTUAL handwritten census form) and all sorts of other amazing things. I’ve been able to trace most lines to the country of origin so far, back into the 1700s. Love it.

Anyway… then Thursday arrived, which was my birthday. At 11am I had a delivery… my in-laws had 2 dozen mini cupcakes and 5 large ones delivered to the apartment (29 for my 29th)!! They love me, but Scott and I have barely made a dent in them so far! For dinner that night, I went out with friends and Scott to Don Cuco’s, the best Mexican restaurant ever and had amazing food and strooooong margaritas. From there just me and my two closest friends, Tara and Jeff, went to our favorite hookah bar, and smoked some pomegranate blueberry tobacco, it was great. Then we went to the pool hall downtown and played, of all things, electronic darts! Haha, I think that speaks to our alcohol level at that point ;) Tara crashed at my place, and the next day involved perfect diner breakfast (at noon) and shopping at Glendale Galleria – she got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, and it pains me to not spend it ASAP. Scott also gave me some money, so I got lots of makeup wonderfulness.

Now we’re to today, and I have to drive home tomorrow. And face my unfinished research (uuuugh) and school starting in a week (way bigger uuuugh). Oh yeah, and not seeing Scott for another 3 weeks (biggest uuuugh ever!) But right now it’s time for Project Runway on the DVR! :)

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Reefer Madness

Okay, not really. But you can totally tell my state of mind by what’s in my shopping basket. This morning it looked like I was shopping for a stoned 16 year old. Let’s see… Red Baron frozen pizzas, Edward’s frozen pie slices, kettle cooked BBQ chips, and Mountain Dew. Hahaha, what’d I tell you? And since I’m not a stoned teenager, the only other possibility is that I’m feeling a little down. Ding ding ding!!

I’ve been dragging a bit lately, and it’s a combination of several things. Firstly, and the largest contributor to my fattening mood, is living away from my husband. You’d think I’d be adjusted by now, but I don’t think I ever will be. During the school year I can manage, because I am so overwhelmingly busy and occupied. However, this summer, I get home from work around 5ish and then… there’s nothing I have to do. No assignments, no studying, no club duties… so I have a lot more free thinking time, which leads me to missing him. For me, being married is absolutely different from having a boyfriend, no matter how long you’ve been together. And being away from him is dreadful (Btw – if you’re thinking you can relate because your 5-month boyfriend lives an hour and a half away – yes I’ve heard this multiple times – you can shove it).

Helping that along is that my secondary research project continues to be a huge pain in my ass. My main project is right on schedule, and that’s great, but this other one… ugh! Also, I have to give a huge presentation to pretty much everyone in the world about my research in just a couple of weeks. My public speaking anxiety has already (!!) been giving me hell. That is NOT going to be pretty.

And, of course, there’s the fact that school starts back in just a few weeks. Lots of my classmates are excited, those damn overachievers, but I’m dreading it. I’ve heard nightmares about second year, and this is my Fall lineup:

Principles of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
Sophomore Doctoring
Sophomore Clinical Skills
Veterinary Oncology
Introduction to Public Veterinary Practice and Foreign Animal Diseases
Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
General Pathology
Management and Diseases of Captive Wildlife
Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ahhh! Scary. Sure, most of it sounds interesting and amazing and all that jazz, but it’s still 22.2 credits. And it was my brilliant idea to take the ultrasound class (because all ultrasounds look like a TV with no reception to me), which happens to meet for a couple of weeks in a row at 8am!! For a 2 hour lab! Four days/week! Bah humbug. Or something. I know I’ll survive, learn a lot, and maybe even enjoy myself, but for right now I’m doing a fabulous job at bitching and moaning.

I had a 7:30am appointment to have my oil changed, and while I wait for the cable guy (suck it, Comcast) and the windshield replacement guy (for the second time in a week – remind me to tell you THAT pleasant story) I think I’ll have a BBQ chip and Mt. Dew breakfast.


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So much busy!

Man, I thought summer was supposed to be LESS hectic than vet school! I’m exaggerating, of course, but I am more busy and stressed this summer than I expected. My research consists of 2 separate projects, and while the main one is going very well, the other one is nothing but an enormous headache. At this point, I’m certain that there is no way I can finish before Fall quarter starts. I would really love to pass it off to someone else or just scrap it entirely (I’m SO over it), so I’m going to talk to my PI tomorrow about the options. At least my main focus is going really well, and I should be completely done running PCR on all of the samples by middle next week. Then the data will need to be analyzed, and I’ll meet with my PI to discuss it all.

In related news, I was in Athens, GA this past weekend at the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium, and had a blast! There were some really amazing and inspiring lectures, and I got to network with directors of lab animal programs that I’m interested in. I also got to meet and talk to the executive vice-president of the Foundation for Biomedical Research. I’ve been following them and a huge fan for a long time, so it was amazing to connect with him after his incredible presentation regarding public perception of biomedical research and what we can do to combat animal rightists. UC Davis was well represented at the symposium, with about 15 students there and 2 of them winning poster awards at the banquet Saturday night (there were perhaps 10 awards given out of 360 total posters!!). My poster didn’t win anything (wasn’t expecting to), but I had fun talking to people about my research during the poster session. It was also great to speak to other students about theirs, including another girl studying Borrelia burgdorferi! Not to be all seriousness, there was also a lot of fun. I went downtown with friends both nights, with lots of drinks and dancing until 2am the first night (my feet… oooowwww) and drinks, pool, and a dark dive bar with a local band the second night. I arrived back in Davis inspired and exhausted. It was a fantastic weekend.

Now, I have to do an informal talk on my research tomorrow (which my mentor is attending!! ack!), complete and turn in an abstract for the ACVP conference, and prepare a presentation on my research that I’ll be presenting in an auditorium in front of a room full of crazy smart genius scientists (not freaking out about that at all….). Oh yeah, and finish my research, of course!

A week from Thursday I will leave work and drive down to Burbank, and then get on a bright and early flight to Ohio. Scott and I will spend four days there, attending the annual family reunion and spending tons of time with my family. Then we’ll return to Burbank, and I’ll spend another 5 days there – hanging out with my friends, celebrating my birthday, and spending wonderful time with my husband. This vacation is so overdue, and I cannot WAIT!!

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