So much busy!

Man, I thought summer was supposed to be LESS hectic than vet school! I’m exaggerating, of course, but I am more busy and stressed this summer than I expected. My research consists of 2 separate projects, and while the main one is going very well, the other one is nothing but an enormous headache. At this point, I’m certain that there is no way I can finish before Fall quarter starts. I would really love to pass it off to someone else or just scrap it entirely (I’m SO over it), so I’m going to talk to my PI tomorrow about the options. At least my main focus is going really well, and I should be completely done running PCR on all of the samples by middle next week. Then the data will need to be analyzed, and I’ll meet with my PI to discuss it all.

In related news, I was in Athens, GA this past weekend at the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium, and had a blast! There were some really amazing and inspiring lectures, and I got to network with directors of lab animal programs that I’m interested in. I also got to meet and talk to the executive vice-president of the Foundation for Biomedical Research. I’ve been following them and a huge fan for a long time, so it was amazing to connect with him after his incredible presentation regarding public perception of biomedical research and what we can do to combat animal rightists. UC Davis was well represented at the symposium, with about 15 students there and 2 of them winning poster awards at the banquet Saturday night (there were perhaps 10 awards given out of 360 total posters!!). My poster didn’t win anything (wasn’t expecting to), but I had fun talking to people about my research during the poster session. It was also great to speak to other students about theirs, including another girl studying Borrelia burgdorferi! Not to be all seriousness, there was also a lot of fun. I went downtown with friends both nights, with lots of drinks and dancing until 2am the first night (my feet… oooowwww) and drinks, pool, and a dark dive bar with a local band the second night. I arrived back in Davis inspired and exhausted. It was a fantastic weekend.

Now, I have to do an informal talk on my research tomorrow (which my mentor is attending!! ack!), complete and turn in an abstract for the ACVP conference, and prepare a presentation on my research that I’ll be presenting in an auditorium in front of a room full of crazy smart genius scientists (not freaking out about that at all….). Oh yeah, and finish my research, of course!

A week from Thursday I will leave work and drive down to Burbank, and then get on a bright and early flight to Ohio. Scott and I will spend four days there, attending the annual family reunion and spending tons of time with my family. Then we’ll return to Burbank, and I’ll spend another 5 days there – hanging out with my friends, celebrating my birthday, and spending wonderful time with my husband. This vacation is so overdue, and I cannot WAIT!!


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