Reefer Madness

Okay, not really. But you can totally tell my state of mind by what’s in my shopping basket. This morning it looked like I was shopping for a stoned 16 year old. Let’s see… Red Baron frozen pizzas, Edward’s frozen pie slices, kettle cooked BBQ chips, and Mountain Dew. Hahaha, what’d I tell you? And since I’m not a stoned teenager, the only other possibility is that I’m feeling a little down. Ding ding ding!!

I’ve been dragging a bit lately, and it’s a combination of several things. Firstly, and the largest contributor to my fattening mood, is living away from my husband. You’d think I’d be adjusted by now, but I don’t think I ever will be. During the school year I can manage, because I am so overwhelmingly busy and occupied. However, this summer, I get home from work around 5ish and then… there’s nothing I have to do. No assignments, no studying, no club duties… so I have a lot more free thinking time, which leads me to missing him. For me, being married is absolutely different from having a boyfriend, no matter how long you’ve been together. And being away from him is dreadful (Btw – if you’re thinking you can relate because your 5-month boyfriend lives an hour and a half away – yes I’ve heard this multiple times – you can shove it).

Helping that along is that my secondary research project continues to be a huge pain in my ass. My main project is right on schedule, and that’s great, but this other one… ugh! Also, I have to give a huge presentation to pretty much everyone in the world about my research in just a couple of weeks. My public speaking anxiety has already (!!) been giving me hell. That is NOT going to be pretty.

And, of course, there’s the fact that school starts back in just a few weeks. Lots of my classmates are excited, those damn overachievers, but I’m dreading it. I’ve heard nightmares about second year, and this is my Fall lineup:

Principles of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
Sophomore Doctoring
Sophomore Clinical Skills
Veterinary Oncology
Introduction to Public Veterinary Practice and Foreign Animal Diseases
Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
General Pathology
Management and Diseases of Captive Wildlife
Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ahhh! Scary. Sure, most of it sounds interesting and amazing and all that jazz, but it’s still 22.2 credits. And it was my brilliant idea to take the ultrasound class (because all ultrasounds look like a TV with no reception to me), which happens to meet for a couple of weeks in a row at 8am!! For a 2 hour lab! Four days/week! Bah humbug. Or something. I know I’ll survive, learn a lot, and maybe even enjoy myself, but for right now I’m doing a fabulous job at bitching and moaning.

I had a 7:30am appointment to have my oil changed, and while I wait for the cable guy (suck it, Comcast) and the windshield replacement guy (for the second time in a week – remind me to tell you THAT pleasant story) I think I’ll have a BBQ chip and Mt. Dew breakfast.



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2 responses to “Reefer Madness

  1. Ultrasound doesn’t have that many labs; they just haven’t sorted you into groups yet. I think you only go to 2 of those labs, and it was by far my favorite class of that quarter. Some of the classes (pharm, virology) I hated and others (oncology, ultrasound, path) I loved. You’ll do fine.

  2. Pleather

    I actually CAN relate. ; ) I took last week off and finally came home. I’m still home–since my PI told me I could work from home now that I’m wrapping things up–but then when I emailed him questions this morning he said I should go in and see him and discuss things in person. I informed him that working from home, for me, means being 6 hours away from him. We’ll see what happens. I may be back in Davis sooner than I had planned. : (

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