So I apologize to the few people that stop by here that I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m actually enjoying my first real break from school/research in almost a year!!

Last Thursday, the 19th, I packed up and drove the 6 hours from Davis to Burbank. My sweet husband greeted me with an enormous box of Godiva chocolate truffles. Oh, he knows me very, very well :) It was one of my birthday presents (which was still a week away) and he just couldn’t wait. Then he took me out to a sushi dinner, which I haven’t had in sooo long – it was delicious! He gave me my other present that night as well. He made a video, complete with titles, perfect music choices and pictures, of our life together thus far. Needless to say, I was a crying mess by the end of it. I have the most amazing husband on the planet, no doubt.

Bright and early the next morning (4:45am!) we caught a cab to the airport to fly out to Ohio/Pennsylvania to hang with my mom and brother and attend the annual Morgan family reunion. It was my first time, and there were so many relatives there that I had never met! My great-great grandparents had 12 children, so it’s a pretty enornmous and wide-spread family when you consider all of the extended members and their spouses, children, etc. It was a 3 day event out on a old farm in the middle of nowhere with a bonfire, more homemade food than you can ever dream of, and lots of talking and catching up. And on Saturday night, the entertainment was a square dance caller with an amp from who knows when, a record player, and a stack of 45s with square dance music. Did I mention that my family is really a bunch a goodhearted rednecks? We were frequently referred to as “the kids from California.” But as it turns out, Scott and I enjoyed it and picked it up pretty quickly, haha. We had a great time and plan to make an effort to return next year.

Then it was back on a plane to Burbank Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty uneventful, Scott had to work, I laid around the apartment enjoying laziness and TV during the day and relaxing with Scott in the evenings. The laziness was productive, though. Prompted by the trip back East and a family tree I received several years ago, I started doing some genealogy research. All I have to say is that is the most amazing site ever and totally and completely worth the membership price. I have found census records dating back to the 1880s (as in an image of the ACTUAL handwritten census form) and all sorts of other amazing things. I’ve been able to trace most lines to the country of origin so far, back into the 1700s. Love it.

Anyway… then Thursday arrived, which was my birthday. At 11am I had a delivery… my in-laws had 2 dozen mini cupcakes and 5 large ones delivered to the apartment (29 for my 29th)!! They love me, but Scott and I have barely made a dent in them so far! For dinner that night, I went out with friends and Scott to Don Cuco’s, the best Mexican restaurant ever and had amazing food and strooooong margaritas. From there just me and my two closest friends, Tara and Jeff, went to our favorite hookah bar, and smoked some pomegranate blueberry tobacco, it was great. Then we went to the pool hall downtown and played, of all things, electronic darts! Haha, I think that speaks to our alcohol level at that point ;) Tara crashed at my place, and the next day involved perfect diner breakfast (at noon) and shopping at Glendale Galleria – she got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, and it pains me to not spend it ASAP. Scott also gave me some money, so I got lots of makeup wonderfulness.

Now we’re to today, and I have to drive home tomorrow. And face my unfinished research (uuuugh) and school starting in a week (way bigger uuuugh). Oh yeah, and not seeing Scott for another 3 weeks (biggest uuuugh ever!) But right now it’s time for Project Runway on the DVR! :)


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