Welcome home

Haha… I knew I should’ve stayed in Burbank with my husband! Last night at about 10pm, after a 6 hour drive, I finally arrived home. I gathered my luggage and whatnot and trudged upstairs… only to realize that I was locked out. See, Scott had the Burbank locks changed due to the deadlock becoming increasingly sticky and impossible to open. When he gave me the new key, I removed the old one from my key ring and replaced it with the new one.

Turns out I removed the key to the DAVIS apartment. So when I arrived home I had one old Burbank key, one new Burbank key, and not a single Davis key. I have too many keys!!  I immediately started to freak out a bit, running through some options in my mind when I remembered that my friend Sabrina had fed the kitties over the weekend, so she had a key!! I called her… no answer. I messaged her on Facebook with my phone… no answer. This is when I really got worried. There was one more option. She works at the VMTH pharmacy, so I called… “Pharmacy, this is Sabrina.” THANK GOD. So I lugged all of my crap back to my car, drove over the the vet school (which is thankfully only about 7-10 minutes away), and picked up the key.

I finally walked into my apartment… only to feel a heat wave hit me. I walked to the thermostat. It was set to about 65 degrees, but was currently 85 in the apartment! The AC was chugging away, but making an awful noise and blowing absolutely NO air from any of the vents. Well Mother Effer. Called and left a message with the office, then called first this this morning. It was fixed by the time I got home.

Oh but it’s not over. I had a dentist appointment at 9am this morning. 2 hours of drilling, poking, prodding, gagging, DISGUSTING tastes, and spraying. UGH. Hate the dentist. On the plus side, the filling that’s been dislodged for the past 2 weeks is fixed, so I can eat on the right side of my mouth again, haha.

Then I went to work, and wasted hours waiting for data analysis that had already been done and just not handed to me, and to use the hood while my manager took up the space while chatting with everyone and their brother. I was there from 11am – 3pm, for about an hour of work. Annoying.

So. I’m going to bed early tonight. After I go out and get some ice cream. And hopefully tomorrow will be WAY better.


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