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Bad blogger!!

Two whole weeks! I’m pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve gone between posts, so for the like 2 people who read this I apologize! School started and I’ve been really busy ever since. But… not really doing school work, haha. I’m already way behind in that department. It’s okay, I have time to catch up. So what have I been up to besides class? Lots of dance class and roller skating, tons of meetings after school (that happens at the beginning of the year when you decide to be president of two clubs), and a lot of hanging out with friends. Also, with the help of Deanna – the DIY queen – I fenced in my balcony. Here’s a pic of my two boys enjoying the sunshine and fresh air :) They love it!

This weekend Scott was in town. Friday night we went to Sabrina’s for wine and cheese night, and there were a million people there! A lot of first years showed up, and of course I don’t know most of them. But we had a great time drinking, talking, and playing Wii :) Saturday morning we got up and drove to the Northern California Renaissance Faire! We love Ren Faires, and the 2.5 hour drive was totally worth it. We had a great time, ate some awesome food, drank some yummy cider, and just had a blast together. On the way home, we stopped by a roller skating shop in Sacramento that just opened. And I walked out with these:

I have the best husband on the planet!! Aaahhhh I love my new skates! I know they aren’t the ones with flames, but these are way better! The skate shop that we went to is owned by an ex-derby girl, and she really knew what she was talking about. These are really great quality skates, with leather boots and Fugitive wheels (high quality urethane, perfect for indoor derby). I couldn’t exactly buy skates based solely on looks, not if I want to be any good! These beautiful skates came with black wheels, but she was really nice and swapped them for these awesome red wheels. :) I can’t wait to go skating!! Also… I discovered that Sacred City Derby Girls has open tryouts on October 17th, and I will be there :D If I make the team, it’ll be as “fresh meat,” and I’ll be in training for awhile before I can play a game. But it will be so much fun! I also have a perfect derby girl name picked out, but I can’t tell you what it is until it’s officially mine. I’m totally in love with roller skating, which I never expected, and I plan on it being an important part of my life.

Today, Scott and I actually went to the park and played catch! He bought two gloves and a baseball for us and brought them up here to Davis. We played for about an hour and a half, and we had a blast! Anything I do with Scott is just so much fun, even all the driving yesterday (five hours total!!). We seriously have the best marriage ever. Tonight I had to take him to the airport. I forgot to wear waterproof mascara, so by the time I left I looked like The Crow. It’s always hard, it never gets any easier, and I missed him the moment he disappeared from view.

Now I’m watching T.V., trying to work on the final poster for my research and my presentation that I have to give September 24th. I took a break to write this post, and now I guess I have to go back to it. Boo.


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Last few days…

Classes start on Tuesday… and I am so not ready for school to begin! I feel like this is the first real weekend I’ve had in AGES! I’m not traveling, out of town, going into the lab, etc. And I made today super productive! I went to Target and bought some much needed clothes for dance classes. They’re basically just workout clothes, but I was really lacking in that department. Then I went to Nugget and bought groceries. I need to both save money and eat healthy, so I started tonight. Once I got home, I wasn’t ready to just sit on the couch and veg the rest of the day.

So instead I went to Redwood Barn Nursery. I really love to garden, and having a balcony gives me that chance. I started some plants last year, but got so wrapped up in school and stress that I let them go, and they died :( I wanted to start again, and so I bought some plants – red mums, a jade plant, and something called Dickson’s gold, a really pretty ground cover plant with blue star-shaped flowers. Then I went to Ace hardware and bought gardening gloves, a watering can, some potting soil… and was totally drawn in by some snapdragons, so I bought those as well. I came home and played in the dirt, replanting the mums and the snapdragons. It was really relaxing… :) (*those are not pics of my plants, btw. Hopefully they’ll be that beautiful one day).

For dinner I had a turkey burger, salad, and a glass of a delicious Rose wine I picked up at Nugget. I’m headed over to a friend’s place soon for movie night, tomorrow is dance classes, then Monday is work (boo!), skating, and a Labor Day BBQ. The only thing that could make this weekend better is if Scott were here…

I just realized how boring this post is. Sorry!

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Monster created.

Who drives 40 minutes, roller skates for 1.5 hours, then drives 40 minutes back? This guy. That’s who. I’m officially in love with roller skating. Wednesday night was a blast, so much so that I didn’t want to wait for next Wednesday and went by myself this afternoon. Lame? Maybe. But I loved it, it cleared my head and made my kind of shitty day just melt away. I’ll be back often. By the way, there is one that’s closer (two actually), but they didn’t have skating sessions until this evening, and I wanted to go early as I have plans tonight.

My ultimate plan is to become a derby girl. I know, it’s a lofty dream, but there you have it. And also, I REALLY want these skates:

But, of course, they’re slightly on the expensive side and my husband thinks I should give it a bit more time before spending the money. And he’s right, I’ve only been twice. We made a deal that if I’m still regularly skating by Christmas, Santa just may bring these for me :)

Also – my first beginning hip hop class was fun. I’m horrible, as to be expected, but I suspect that as I gain experience and confidence I’ll loosen up and maybe find that groove. Beginning jazz on Tuesday, can’t wait!!

Tonight – Forgetting Sarah Marshall with friends and wine!

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