Monster created.

Who drives 40 minutes, roller skates for 1.5 hours, then drives 40 minutes back? This guy. That’s who. I’m officially in love with roller skating. Wednesday night was a blast, so much so that I didn’t want to wait for next Wednesday and went by myself this afternoon. Lame? Maybe. But I loved it, it cleared my head and made my kind of shitty day just melt away. I’ll be back often. By the way, there is one that’s closer (two actually), but they didn’t have skating sessions until this evening, and I wanted to go early as I have plans tonight.

My ultimate plan is to become a derby girl. I know, it’s a lofty dream, but there you have it. And also, I REALLY want these skates:

But, of course, they’re slightly on the expensive side and my husband thinks I should give it a bit more time before spending the money. And he’s right, I’ve only been twice. We made a deal that if I’m still regularly skating by Christmas, Santa just may bring these for me :)

Also – my first beginning hip hop class was fun. I’m horrible, as to be expected, but I suspect that as I gain experience and confidence I’ll loosen up and maybe find that groove. Beginning jazz on Tuesday, can’t wait!!

Tonight – Forgetting Sarah Marshall with friends and wine!


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  1. David

    Roller-skating is fun! A couple friends of mine have gotten big into it. That and hula-hooping. :) seems both are fun exercise. One is even teaching a hulahoop class at the gym. ha!

    just catching up on your journal. sorry you had such a bad week last week, but glad the skating put it in a cloud of dust behind you. Sounds like a good plan, give it some time and see if it the interest keeps and then get the skates you really want. No point wasting money on skates you’ll get tired of, right? It’s the same logic I use when getting a motorcycle! :D

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