Last few days…

Classes start on Tuesday… and I am so not ready for school to begin! I feel like this is the first real weekend I’ve had in AGES! I’m not traveling, out of town, going into the lab, etc. And I made today super productive! I went to Target and bought some much needed clothes for dance classes. They’re basically just workout clothes, but I was really lacking in that department. Then I went to Nugget and bought groceries. I need to both save money and eat healthy, so I started tonight. Once I got home, I wasn’t ready to just sit on the couch and veg the rest of the day.

So instead I went to Redwood Barn Nursery. I really love to garden, and having a balcony gives me that chance. I started some plants last year, but got so wrapped up in school and stress that I let them go, and they died :( I wanted to start again, and so I bought some plants – red mums, a jade plant, and something called Dickson’s gold, a really pretty ground cover plant with blue star-shaped flowers. Then I went to Ace hardware and bought gardening gloves, a watering can, some potting soil… and was totally drawn in by some snapdragons, so I bought those as well. I came home and played in the dirt, replanting the mums and the snapdragons. It was really relaxing… :) (*those are not pics of my plants, btw. Hopefully they’ll be that beautiful one day).

For dinner I had a turkey burger, salad, and a glass of a delicious Rose wine I picked up at Nugget. I’m headed over to a friend’s place soon for movie night, tomorrow is dance classes, then Monday is work (boo!), skating, and a Labor Day BBQ. The only thing that could make this weekend better is if Scott were here…

I just realized how boring this post is. Sorry!


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