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Still sick. But tonight is better than last night. I came home from class yesterday and took a 2 hour nap. Then I ate some dinner and headed to campus to study with Deanna, since we had a Bacteriology exam today. I got to school at about 7, and by 8 I was sooooo sick. I was blowing my nose every minute, my head was so full of pressure I thought it was going to explode, I was coughing and hacking, and I really felt like death. There was no way I was able to concentrate or even think straight. So 3 hours after getting there, I left, without having really learned anything (to be fair, I did work quite a bit on my poster – which was really difficult in my state). Ugh, it was awful. This morning I had to get up really early and go have my poster for the ACVP conference printed. Then I headed to the vet school to start studying and settled in at Scrubs (our cafeteria) at 10am. The exam was as 2. I was still really sick, and it was really hard to concentrate! I made some study notes, a couple of awesome classmates sent me their study materials because I was so sick, and I tried my best. The only good thing is that it only covered 4 exams – that was really a blessing. So at 2 I went and took the exam, and actually had to stop halfway through it and just put my head down and rest, haha.¬† I think that I did alright, but definitely not perfect. The great thing about this class is that we have a regrade session and can get half of our points back! Plus it’s the lowest exam points-wise out of four. So I’m really not all that worried.

After the exam I came home, napped for 2 hours, then went to watch a derby practice. I wouldn’t have went if I didn’t have to, but we have to have three sitting practices before we start and tonight was the last opportunity for me to do my third. I’m definitely better than last night, but still sick. And now, I’m going to bed. We’ll see if I make to class tomorrow… thankfully my first class isn’t until 11am, so it’s a good possibility.

I just checked and my first class is actually at 10am. Being that it’s 12:20am already, and I feel like I could sleep for about 6 days, that may not happen.


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It’s official.

You know that you are officially sick (and it’s not just allergies or a random runny nose) when you get tired of running to the bathroom every few minutes and just bring the roll of toilet paper out to the living room with you. Ugh. I was so proud of myself for surviving the sickness that downed most of my friends and a good fraction of the class of 2013 in general. But it’s finally caught up to me. My throat’s been on fire the last two days, and all today I’ve had sinus pressure and I’ve been super fatigued. Then this evening the congestion and runny nose started, and I can say that I’m sick. The only great thing is that it’s AFTER the 2 weeks of hell we had with 6 exams in 2 weeks. In fact, I’m sure my stress and sleep deprivation during that time directly contributed to my current state. Lame.

Since finishing those 2 weeks, the rest of the quarter is actually relatively laid back (important word: relatively. It’s never *actually* laid back). We’ve completed two classes (Oncology and the Ultrasound elective), and most mornings from now on don’t start until 11! Eleven AM! That’s like a gift from heaven. Also, I finally finished my ACVP poster for this weekend’s conference, which is the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders ever. And even better… in two weeks we have a 4 day weekend, then the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and then winter break starts December 9th. It’s actually kind of crazy to realize that this quarter is almost over… I’m not ready for the next one (rumored to be the absolute worst of all of vet school — eep!).

An update on derby… I’ve actually created a second blog to talk about it. It’s pretty much taken over any portion of my life that vet school hasn’t claimed, and I didn’t want it overtaking this blog since it’s supposed to be about vet school. If you’re at all interested in the derby aspect of my life, you can find it here.

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Oh man! The last two weeks were crazy!! The craziness is not officially over, but there’s a slight lull, long enough for me to update this dusty blog.

Second year is going… okay. It’s not that it’s insanely difficult right now (oh, that’s saved for a special hell known as “Winter quarter”), but I don’t really enjoy any of my classes that much. Which blows, because¬† every quarter so far has had at least two classes that I really liked. And now… meh. There are classes I feel like I would like, but for the professor/organization/whatever. It’s all good though, because I survived these past two weeks :) The rest of the quarter should be slightly more laid back. Slightly.

So what’s with the last two weeks? Last week we had a Pharmacology exam and a Bacteriology exam, this week we had a take home midterm due for the Diseases of Captive Wildlife elective, a Virology exam, and (today) our Oncology final. Rough!! I’m so sleep deprived, haha, so I’m sorry if none of this make sense. But it’s only a current lull because we have a take home Small Animal Ultrasound final due on Monday (But we can work with others! And I already have my group and time set!) and I also have to make a poster for the ACVP conference that’s next weekend. Some of my research is going to be published and I was chosen to present it. That’s all great, but I haven’t had time to work on it at all and I need a rough draft done by Tuesday morning at the latest!! I’ll work it out.

Skating has been amazing! It is totally my therapy, and I go whenever I get the chance. This past Sunday I tried out for the local derby team, Sacred City Derby Girls, and made it!! So now I have a few months of intense training before I can actually play the game, and I’m SO excited to start!! I need to make 2 practices a month, which will be REALLY rough next quarter. But I’m going to do everything I absolutely can to make it work. I love it <3

Plans for this weekend: good friends, good food, lots of liquor, some relaxing, catching up with my DVR, Small Animal Ultrasound final with said friends, food, and liquor, derby practice (just watching – I have to watch 3 before I get to participate), and at some point I’ll do laundry and put together a rough ACVP poster. I’m looking forward to it :)

Now… my bed is really calling to me. I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, and the awesome thing is that I don’t have class until 11 tomorrow morning so I can totally gut a full night of sleep, yay!

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Thursday evening I drove to the airport and picked up my husband, who I hadn’t seen in 3 weeks. For me, that is a very long time to not see the love of my life. We relaxed that evening, but I warned him that I would be studying the *entire* weekend. Next week I have two exams: Pharmacology and Bacteriology. I’m pretty frightened of both. So the plan was to hang out the couch all weekend, him watching T.V. and me studying. I figured just having him next to me would be much, much better than nothing.

Friday he came to class with me (though we skipped Oncology to go to breakfast, and skipped Pathology lab because it was 3 hours) and then we went home and stuck to the plan. That evening we went back to campus for the biweekly TG (huge vet school BBQ) to get some food and socialize. Then we stuck to the plan all day Saturday, with my wonderful husband cleaning the cat boxes, going to get breakfast for me, and cooking an amazing dinner (seared scallops!!). I know, I’m totally spoiled.

So everything was going fine until today. I realized that I was wasting precious time with the man I love, who I wouldn’t see again for another 3-4 weeks. Sure we were on the couch next to each other, but that’s really not the same as cuddling and talking on the couch. So I said screw it. I didn’t study for even one minute. We watched football, cuddled on the couch, laid in bed talking, and just had a wonderful lazy day together. There are some things in life that are way more important than getting straight A’s in vet school. I know there are some people who don’t agree with me, but that’s how I feel. And if I get a B on that pharm exam, and it could’ve been an A if I had dedicated today to studying… well that’s a-okay with me. Spending that time with my husband was 100% worth it. Hell, even if I get a C it was worth it. Because my marriage is the most important thing in my life, and my husband is the best thing to ever happen to me… so sometimes, priorities need to be rearranged.

I dropped him off at the airport about an hour ago. I put on waterproof mascara this morning in preparation, because last time he said I looked like The Crow. Now I’m tucked away in my absolute favorite corner of Starbucks, ready to dive into Pharmacology until they kick me out at 1am. And my heart is very, very happy.


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4 Excuses

Second year is proving to be very, very busy for numerous reasons. First, vet school is still vet school. This means lots of days that start early and end late, and lots of studying (though not as much as I should be). Second, I became closer friends with several people over the summer, so I’m suddenly more social and hanging out with friends more. Third, I’m totally obsessed with roller skating, and try to go as often as possible. Lastly, lots of visits! Scott was here two weeks ago, friends from Seattle and Los Angeles were here this past weekend, and Scott will be here again next weekend. Let’s address these topics further (you can stop here if the Cliff notes version is perfectly enough of my drivel for you).

1. Vet school. Yup, it is what it is. Some classes I hate (Why hello there, pharmacology! Here comes your good friend microbiology!), while others I really enjoy. I recently had a lab session for my ultrasound elective, where I got to fully scan two dogs. It was AMAZING! I finally see more than just a bad television reception on that little screen. I learned SO much. And that same day I had a gross pathology lab, where my group got a diseased lung from a 2 month old foal that we had to analyze and describe. It might not sound cool, but to me gross path it awesome. We have completed 2 exams and one quiz so far. One of the exams was a final, so that class is OVER (let me tell you how happy that makes me – foreign animal disease was very boring). And the quiz… was a pop quiz… that I got a 10% on. Oops. Which is why I’m currently sitting at the Starbucks on campus in my new favorite most perfect little study nook ever. I wish I could put my name on it.

2. I’ve been much more social this year already, which makes me very happy. BBQs, potlucks, Glee nights, True Blood nights (which is over, waaah), going out for drinks and dancing, etc. It’s been fun, and it’s nice to have an active social life when you live 6 hours away from your husband… Unfortunately, I see this slowing to a crawl as the quarter enters hell.

3. Omg. I love roller skating. LOVE. I love my new skates, I love trying new skills, I love roller derby, and I only wish I could skate every single day. More on this in #4.

4. This past weekend three of my closest friends came to visit. One from Seattle, two from Los Angeles. This weekend in Sacramento was the WFTDA Western Regional Tournament, where the top 10 derby teams in the West battled it out to go on to nationals. It was the first time I’d seen a derby bout in person, and it was A-freaking-MAZING. I totally fell in love with the sport, and my friends and I spent most of the weekend there (it was all 3 days). We went out for drinks and dinner each night afterward, and my face and/or stomach would hurt from laughing so much. I had such a great time, I really miss hanging with those guys regularly.

And with that, I should probably get back to pharmacology (vomit). Two exams next week, two the week after that. Eek!

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