4 Excuses

Second year is proving to be very, very busy for numerous reasons. First, vet school is still vet school. This means lots of days that start early and end late, and lots of studying (though not as much as I should be). Second, I became closer friends with several people over the summer, so I’m suddenly more social and hanging out with friends more. Third, I’m totally obsessed with roller skating, and try to go as often as possible. Lastly, lots of visits! Scott was here two weeks ago, friends from Seattle and Los Angeles were here this past weekend, and Scott will be here again next weekend. Let’s address these topics further (you can stop here if the Cliff notes version is perfectly enough of my drivel for you).

1. Vet school. Yup, it is what it is. Some classes I hate (Why hello there, pharmacology! Here comes your good friend microbiology!), while others I really enjoy. I recently had a lab session for my ultrasound elective, where I got to fully scan two dogs. It was AMAZING! I finally see more than just a bad television reception on that little screen. I learned SO much. And that same day I had a gross pathology lab, where my group got a diseased lung from a 2 month old foal that we had to analyze and describe. It might not sound cool, but to me gross path it awesome. We have completed 2 exams and one quiz so far. One of the exams was a final, so that class is OVER (let me tell you how happy that makes me – foreign animal disease was very boring). And the quiz… was a pop quiz… that I got a 10% on. Oops. Which is why I’m currently sitting at the Starbucks on campus in my new favorite most perfect little study nook ever. I wish I could put my name on it.

2. I’ve been much more social this year already, which makes me very happy. BBQs, potlucks, Glee nights, True Blood nights (which is over, waaah), going out for drinks and dancing, etc. It’s been fun, and it’s nice to have an active social life when you live 6 hours away from your husband… Unfortunately, I see this slowing to a crawl as the quarter enters hell.

3. Omg. I love roller skating. LOVE. I love my new skates, I love trying new skills, I love roller derby, and I only wish I could skate every single day. More on this in #4.

4. This past weekend three of my closest friends came to visit. One from Seattle, two from Los Angeles. This weekend in Sacramento was the WFTDA Western Regional Tournament, where the top 10 derby teams in the West battled it out to go on to nationals. It was the first time I’d seen a derby bout in person, and it was A-freaking-MAZING. I totally fell in love with the sport, and my friends and I spent most of the weekend there (it was all 3 days). We went out for drinks and dinner each night afterward, and my face and/or stomach would hurt from laughing so much. I had such a great time, I really miss hanging with those guys regularly.

And with that, I should probably get back to pharmacology (vomit). Two exams next week, two the week after that. Eek!


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