Oh man! The last two weeks were crazy!! The craziness is not officially over, but there’s a slight lull, long enough for me to update this dusty blog.

Second year is going… okay. It’s not that it’s insanely difficult right now (oh, that’s saved for a special hell known as “Winter quarter”), but I don’t really enjoy any of my classes that much. Which blows, because¬† every quarter so far has had at least two classes that I really liked. And now… meh. There are classes I feel like I would like, but for the professor/organization/whatever. It’s all good though, because I survived these past two weeks :) The rest of the quarter should be slightly more laid back. Slightly.

So what’s with the last two weeks? Last week we had a Pharmacology exam and a Bacteriology exam, this week we had a take home midterm due for the Diseases of Captive Wildlife elective, a Virology exam, and (today) our Oncology final. Rough!! I’m so sleep deprived, haha, so I’m sorry if none of this make sense. But it’s only a current lull because we have a take home Small Animal Ultrasound final due on Monday (But we can work with others! And I already have my group and time set!) and I also have to make a poster for the ACVP conference that’s next weekend. Some of my research is going to be published and I was chosen to present it. That’s all great, but I haven’t had time to work on it at all and I need a rough draft done by Tuesday morning at the latest!! I’ll work it out.

Skating has been amazing! It is totally my therapy, and I go whenever I get the chance. This past Sunday I tried out for the local derby team, Sacred City Derby Girls, and made it!! So now I have a few months of intense training before I can actually play the game, and I’m SO excited to start!! I need to make 2 practices a month, which will be REALLY rough next quarter. But I’m going to do everything I absolutely can to make it work. I love it <3

Plans for this weekend: good friends, good food, lots of liquor, some relaxing, catching up with my DVR, Small Animal Ultrasound final with said friends, food, and liquor, derby practice (just watching – I have to watch 3 before I get to participate), and at some point I’ll do laundry and put together a rough ACVP poster. I’m looking forward to it :)

Now… my bed is really calling to me. I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, and the awesome thing is that I don’t have class until 11 tomorrow morning so I can totally gut a full night of sleep, yay!


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