It’s official.

You know that you are officially sick (and it’s not just allergies or a random runny nose) when you get tired of running to the bathroom every few minutes and just bring the roll of toilet paper out to the living room with you. Ugh. I was so proud of myself for surviving the sickness that downed most of my friends and a good fraction of the class of 2013 in general. But it’s finally caught up to me. My throat’s been on fire the last two days, and all today I’ve had sinus pressure and I’ve been super fatigued. Then this evening the congestion and runny nose started, and I can say that I’m sick. The only great thing is that it’s AFTER the 2 weeks of hell we had with 6 exams in 2 weeks. In fact, I’m sure my stress and sleep deprivation during that time directly contributed to my current state. Lame.

Since finishing those 2 weeks, the rest of the quarter is actually relatively laid back (important word: relatively. It’s never *actually* laid back). We’ve completed two classes (Oncology and the Ultrasound elective), and most mornings from now on don’t start until 11! Eleven AM! That’s like a gift from heaven. Also, I finally finished my ACVP poster for this weekend’s conference, which is the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders ever. And even better… in two weeks we have a 4 day weekend, then the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and then winter break starts December 9th. It’s actually kind of crazy to realize that this quarter is almost over… I’m not ready for the next one (rumored to be the absolute worst of all of vet school — eep!).

An update on derby… I’ve actually created a second blog to talk about it. It’s pretty much taken over any portion of my life that vet school hasn’t claimed, and I didn’t want it overtaking this blog since it’s supposed to be about vet school. If you’re at all interested in the derby aspect of my life, you can find it here.


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  1. Oh my god — 11 AM?!?!?! I am so jealous!!!! They always, no matter what, start our classes at 9. :( And this quarter we often go until 8! Fun times. Despite that, I’ve been sleeping pretty well, because I’m wiped. out. by 9 PM — I seriously go to sleep between 9 and 10 most nights! It’s pretty pathetic. I think that has significantly contributed to my missing (so far) all the illnesses that have circulated around my class.

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